Fan translations and other contributions that feel essential

@“treefroggy”#p40247 I always dreamed of a Spirit Tracks mod (and by extension, Phantom Hourglass, but mostly ST) that allows you to play without any of the touch screen functionalities. Just having them be mapped to buttons or whatever. Which I'm aware is a herculean undertaking and may very well be impossible! Rebuilding the game in a more modern engine, though, and lightly re-designing it to work like a more traditional Zelda……. Surely also way too much effort, but theoretically more possible? idk. I just want to play the game without a stylus lol


Let me grant that wish for you

@“robinhoodie”#p40278 This is very close! But it seems like some touch controls are still necessary for things like the train segments. Can‘t find any footage confirming or denying this with items, but since it doesn’t work for the train stuff, I'm inclined to believe this is true of items like the boomerang and the spirit flute as well. A world where the need for a stylus (or mouse, I guess) is completely unnecessary……. Getting there might be more possible than I thought!!

Another PC exclusive Tomb Raider level ported to the PS1 version. This time a bonus level released by The Times newspaper for the 75th anniversary Tutankhamun's tomb discovery.

Wild stuff.

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna got a fan translation a couple months back but I only just noticed it now: - Translations - Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna

this is a game I have mixed feelings about across multiple vectors.

  • - was real popular for the PC Engine
  • - showcased huvideo, hudson's proprietary fmv tech
  • - it's a digital comic with a nice style
  • Cons:

  • - huvideo and this game's popularity as an anime digital comic may have contributed to NEC doubling down on this for the PC-fx
  • - this is a super 90s moe squeaky voice property which generally kind of grates on me
  • but either way it's extremely cool that it got translated, and they really went for it, including subtitling the opening themes, etc. And no matter what it's an important part of PC Engine history!!

    @“exodus”#p43964 IIRC HuVideo is only used for a short clip on the bonus disc of one relatively uncommon variant of the original Yuna, it's not actually used in the game or the PCE sequel?

    @“exodus”#p43964 It‘s great that more PCE games are finally getting translated. I played through this and its sequel last year when I was cramming PCE CD games. It’s good for what it is. High production. I‘d also add that it contains fair bit of loli, which goes on cons column for me but I’m not one to judge!

    BTW, huvideo is not in the actual game but in separate disc that came with rerelease. (Edit: beaten by @"Kimimi"#156) Really great showcase for huvideo is definitely Gulliver Boy, which needs to be translated along with all of the Tengai Makyou games and dozens of others....

    Oh yes, I didn‘t mean to suggest huvideo was in the main game, it’s just the bonus disc - but I did think it came with every copy! I checked ebay and saw there is indeed a single disc version, oops. I had no idea really, since I always saw the two disc version in stores etc. So maybe I read too much into that aspect!

    GTA 5 on PS2 hack is pretty stunning for even running. Especially the character swapping

    I know I am steering this away from “Essential” but this was another nice fan edit

    I saw this earlier today and I love how, even in their own demonstration video, they make the controls look fiddly and difficult to deal with. That's jet set radio for ya!

    The patch for Smash Remix has finally been released and if nothing else it is VERY impressive to see what they did with the clunky old N64 original. Patching is a breeze. Plays great on my Everdrive though I think you need the 4MB expansion to make it work.

    @“robinhoodie”#p44545 It‘s very fun. I wish they’d keep it period (dark samus doesn‘t belong on N64 but imho but all other additions do)

    I get that it’d be much harder, but I hope there's a melee equivalent to this someday.

    Since this is my favorite thread. Here's another one

    A fixed and updated Crazy Taxi 3 for PC

    [Download here](

    Now this is the version of the game that might have made the 32X something special in its day

    Cotton! (on SNES - maybe some people prefer this version?)

    8 bit Sonic on the C64

    Worth it for the Nyquil-ified version of Green Hill Zone

    Another Sonic port. There's a larger thought in here about how Sega being so lax about fan products has done a wealth of good for the homebrew scene. It used to be the first thing you did was remake Mario 1-1, now it makes much more sense to remake Green Hill Zone.