Fantasy Critic rundown!


I'm Alex's friend Wade and here is a little rundown of Fantasy Critic, the fantasy video game league, or at least the closes thing to a fantasy video game league that you can have.

So the Insert Credit crew had it a little wrong. The basic way Fantasy Critic works is that you draft a selection of games that you think will score well on Metacritic and of course, will actually come out this year.

You score 1 point for every score over 70 on Metacritic. So if Gotham Knights scored a 71 on Metacritic, you would only get 1 point. Games that score below a 70, well that's negative points for you so choose wisely. Also, once you get to the 90s, it's double points.

You want to make sure that a game is actually coming out this year because if not, you just drafted something that won't get you any points. Luckily, you get one chance to drop any game you drafted, no questions asked.

Now after the Draft, where you and your friends take turns picking games, you must make a counter pick. A counter pick is betting that someone's else's draft pick will either score poorly on not come out this year. Counter picking a game locks your opponent into the game, meaning that they can't get rid of it. If a game you counter picked gets below a 70, you earn points while over 70 will take points away from you.

And finally, after the draft you are given $100 of fake money to draft other games to fill out your roster. Every week you can use that money to bid on a game and if you outbid everyone else, it's yours. So if Jedi Fallen Order 2 gets announced for this year, well everyone you are playing with may try to claim it and whoever uses the most money will get the game.

I know it's a lot but it's pretty simple and fun! Also any rules are adjustable and customizable. For example, my group decided that we didn't want expansions or DLC to be available after I lost last year due to a friend drafting Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, giving him the victory at the end.

Here is the link to Fantasy Critic. Have fun! The website also has a great way of explaining the rules in an even more simple way. Hope this was helpful and glad to be a part of the Insert Credit community. Also when you draft, the website gives you a list of all the announced games coming out this year and potential games that could come out on 2022.

And no, I don't know how to swim :(

Well, I'm signed up

if someone were to create an ‘insert credit league,’ i’d join

(i’d make it if i knew how fantasy sports worked, but as i don’t, i feel like i’d probably screw it up…)

(also, welcome to the forum/thanks for stopping by!)

@“NoJoTo”#p53440 I know nothing about fantasy sports either but this was easy to follow and set up. The only thing about making an Insert Credit league would be the amount of players. I don't recommend having more than six players for every league. You could do more but the more players you have, the less slots everyone has for games.