favorite console color variants

Let's just post them one at a time rather than a big list all at once?

This is my favorite color set for the Neo Geo Pocket:



Oh dang, that‘s just gorgeous! It wasn’t a standard edition… was it?

I think it was!? But it‘s a non-color neo geo pocket so it comes up less often. I used to have a “junk” version of this and it looked even better in person, but I think I sent it to somebody… or something!? I sure can’t find it now.

Having a B&W Neo Geo Pocket is important because it's the only way you can play the remake of Yosaku, which as we all know is done by putting KOF Battle De Paradise (a color game) into a black and white NGP.


(I love how the description here calls it a "remake of the Epoch Cassette Vision's Kikori No Yosaku," not realizing the cassette vision game was an unlicensed remake of SNK's arcade game.)

For me the canonical Neo Geo Pocket Color color is camouflage blue:


i somehow obtained a blue gamegear as a child and remember that i loved it because it was The Color of Sonic.


worst console color variant: the blotchy unprofessionally spraypainted gold Dreamcast still available at my local used game store. bless.

My first NGPC was that colour too but it broke, and I got a replacement in crystal white just as it was being heavily discounted in the States.

I hate to admit it, but I've never owned a vanilla NGP, although I may have to get one so I can try the Yosaku remake! That's hilarious that the video gets it wrong about the cassette vision version being first!

I was about to post about how my skeleton Saturn is the best colour but then I remembered that the first Japanese run version is strangely compelling!

My favorite saturn color, despite the “this is cool” nature of the smoke/skeleton one, is the round button V-saturn. the colors are tops!


While searching for a good picture of the above saturn (surprisingly difficult), I came upon this atrocity:

From my personal collection

i love the pop tart 3DS!!!

also, i'm usually a fan of any clear/transparent console variants but the Wonderswan has some really nice colors that also have nice accent colors as well. i love this creamsicle looking one.

Mine sadly died a few months ago (unless you can direct me to an easy DIY repair solution for the laser drive) but I love the slim PS2 redesign and I love even more the flashy bright bubblegum pink slim PS2.


Regarding the Saturn, my favorite one is the Navi. I understand does not really count as just a « color » variation, but those brownish grey and mauveish grey undertones would be my favorite color tone combination even if the design was just a regular Saturn. It feels like playing games on a S-class Mercedes Benz from the Nineties. Hitachi released my favorite controller tones as well.

(Sorry for the poor image quality.)

That is an amazing looking PS2

I've always LOVED the Famicom SP, and the box is PEAK gamboy-era nintendo

Not great pictures but this one looks nice in real life


@vf10a#3552 only Gran Turismo could get a console variant for a demo disc!

The [Atari Lynx Marlboro Console ](https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/atari-marlboro-lynx)is pretty cool

So many nice Game Gear colours



[Gold & Diamonds](https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/sega-game-gear-gold-diamonds)

The [Samsung Super 32X! ](https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/super-32x)Hot-pink text on black plastic is pretty sweet.

and of course, the [Durstcast](https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/sega-dreamcast-limp-biscuit)

The spice orange gc is obs the best gamecube.


All the different dev unit colours are nice too.

gotta go with this one

somebody made a very pretty Switch version

@tombo#3562 i actually like the slightly less frosted switch version of this a little more, but gosh darn if that gameboy doesn’t conjure memories of playing Pokemon Blue with the little curly-cue Nyko light plugged in the side.

@chazumaru#3542 someone can fix that PS2 for sure! don't get rid of it!

I really liked that anniversary PS4:

I was able to grab one of the gray controllers when they were released and settled for it, because I didn't need another console, that was more expensive than the one I already had! That thing had a large price premium attached to it!

@chazumaru#3542 It‘s super easy to run PS2 games from USB or ethernet these days, no modchip required, with one of them there FMCB memory cards. You can even make them yourself with almost no effort with the new DVD exploit (although I now realise you can’t do that if your laser is busted).

As for favourite console colour variant: