Favorite Games to Platinum/100%

@“Tradeghouls 'n ghosts”#p136447 I prefer to Bromine games (get 99% of the way there but the last few aren’t worth it so I consider it a major accomplishment… demons souls)

@“RubySunrise”#p136474 ohhh this is a good one I should have thought of. Heart containers don’t mean anything, it’s all about completing that BOMBERS NOTEBOOK. Reminds me I kind of want to complete the weird ass flower town goron trading quest of Wind Waker, and the other side quests like tingle tower trophies using the GBA link.

My number one recommendation would be Katamari Forever. It can be surprisingly challenging at points, but never daunting. It kinda has everything that a platinum trophy usually requires: some pretty tough challenges, a little bit of grinding, some minigame shenanigans - it feels pretty all-encompassing. It's the platinum I felt the most satisfied by

I have similar opinions about platinuming _Hades_, which is a great experience as well, and provides a good motivator to see all of that game's endings. The one caveat about _Hades_ is that it comes with a "god mode" that makes it way easier. This is maybe not the best mindset to have but I do kinda feel like that cheapens the experience for me because I feel like I did it the more "honest" way for no extra reward

Then, of course, any game you really truly enjoy can be worth the 100%. The first game I platinumed was _Kingdom Hearts II_, which I loved as a child and so I went back into it as an adult eager to see 100% of that game as a way to sorta feel more closely tied to that game in some way. Or when I was playing _Final Fantasy X_ I was having such a great time that I wanted to go for 100% as a way to celebrate that

@“treefroggy”#p136481 yes! You‘re so right, bomber’s notebook/all masks is what it is. Which isn't really 100% after all.

In the 360 era I went through a real bad achievement hunting phase. What a waste of time! It meant I played a wide variety of stuff which is kind of cool but I did get laughed at by a staff member when I bought Hannah Montana in GAME.

I like games that subvert 100%-ing but I can only think of two. In Fallout 3 PC Games For Windows Live version, you could just pull down the console and copy and paste a command to unlock every achievement. In Nier Automata, you gain access to a shop late game where you can just buy the trophies.

I enjoyed getting the 1000 points in Resi 5 on the 360. I played through all difficulties with a friend and then we did the item dupe glitch to buy all the upgrades. Also enjoyed Shadows of the Damned. Easy 1000 points but requires playing through it 3 times and I love playing it. On the easy difficulty run, you need to melee certain enemies over and over to get them to spawn more upgrade gems than they normally would so you complete the upgrades.

I really enjoyed getting the MGS5 platinum because I love that game and to get s ranks on each mission you need to get clever with the level layouts.

@“穴”#p136233 it's only 880 moons!

@“RubySunrise”#p136490 hopefully that kind of fuzzy logic of completion is what this thread is truly about

Cause it’s what I’m about.

@“deepspacefine”#p136404 it’s always a good time to play CRACKDOWN.