Feb '24 Monthly Game Club - Mega Man Legends 2

Hello and welcome to the leap month! It’s that time again, time for a new monthly game club pick. This month’s pick is



[Mega Man Legends 2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_Legends_2) courtesy of [You already know](https://forums.insertcredit.com/u/treefroggy) who has this to say:


Its all I can think about

Mega Man Legends 2 was released on the PlayStation and the PlayStation Portable and its existence has been largely ignored by our friends at Capcom ever since. I'm sure you'll find a way to play it anyway

Here's some weird purple text that one could click on, if one so desired.


I’m sick as a brick at the moment but will be posting big soon. I’ve got a big review in the works

Never got around to this one despite really enjoying Legends and Tron Bonne. I'm gonna try to make time for this.

If nothing else I will definitely finish Mega Man Legends this month

I played this one recently but it‘s both very good and very interesting. More people should play it, so it’s a great pick!

I highly recommend taking your time and enjoying Mega Man Legends 1, and then don‘t necessarily let MML2 intimidate you, you don't have to commit to it, just give it a try, skip tron bonne and jump right in to part two after letting part 1 rest for a bit. The first parts of the game, before you go to a different continent that isn’t covered in snow, is amazing, and worth experiencing just on it's own.

Heck, you could even play it while you're still in the middle of Mega Man Legends 1. It's just a couple hours long, and it's letting you know what's ahead. It's much too easy to just ignore MML2, because MML1 is already so perfect.

I gotta get in on this, I've wanted an excuse to play Megaman Legends 2 for so long.

I'll be playing at least the first one this month!

I'll take any excuse to play this game again. I play one of the Legends games about once a year, so heck yeah: I'm in

I enjoyed the first game but have bounced off this a couple times, but I will try to try it one again.

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p151412 Eat that Question

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p152253 This quiz game is truly unhinged in English. Absolutely incredible time capsule.

Hell yeah Kyle, you already made it to the quiz!

Last month was my first time getting that far in this game, and I spent many hours doing all three of the extended quizes. Because I wanted to learn, I pretended it was 1999 and used no internet, just taking the quiz over and over each time I made a mistake, ingraining the quiz in my mind.

I then quizzed one of my friends over the phone using a list of the questions I found online, and then I quizzed my gen X dad with it too, knowing he'd know a lot of them off top– he knew so much that we found many of the quizzes answers are actually incorrect! how fun!

At the very least, I learned how many albums the sex pistols produced!

@“[treefroggy]”#p152262 dude, the 100 question quiz with no Internet is brutal. I did that back when I first played the game, just trial and error brute forcing it. Then I tried looking up answers not from a mml2 guide, but just googling what the heck a “Benelux” country is. And you‘re right, a bunch of these are wrong lol. This time and any recent times I’ve played I just ctrl-f an old guide.

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p152272 I just kinda got in the zone, chilling and got really fast at menu-ing. Having more trouble with the final boss

Sharing one of the most out of pocket bits of flavor text in the whole game. Hiding in “details” in case anyone wants the joy of finding it for themselves.


I accidentally played this instead of 1 for a good bit when that game came around. I sure do like how these games look.