Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles LFG thread.

It‘s out on the estore now. I haven’t played it yet. I'm currently downloading the lite version and will get the full version tomorrow (due to a incident involving a lost ATM card).

Figured I might start a thread for seeing if anyone is interested in playing together sometime. It's got switch, PS4, android, and apple cross play and only one person in the party needs to own the game (the rest can join them with the free "lite mode" demo that restricts access to late game content.)

My friend code is SW-6901-6778-9873

I have a lot of time on my hands so my schedule is pretty open.

I don‘t plan on buying it, but if you need a co-op buddy I wouldn’t mind playing it again. I don't think I ever got super far in on the GC.

(Oh damn, the Moon re-release is out too)

(and there's a _SaGa_ collection coming out)

I‘ve been fiddling around with it and seeing peoples reactions online. Some people are disappointed that they “turned a multiplayer campaign into a single player campaign with a guest mode”. Progress only unlocks for the host so if you want to advance your whole party you’ll need to beat each dungeon with each character, apparently. I only played the GC version once or twice so I'm not exactly sure how it worked back then, but some people seem pretty put off.

I might hold off a bit on buying the full version myself until I clear the free content so I can decide if it's going to work for me.

My connection drops fairly frequently and if you're the host and you drop the whole lobby is screwed, but if you're guesting on someones elses campaign you can reconnect after a drop (but you seem to lose all the loot you've gotten so far if you do so). If you disconnect during the final dungeon reward screen, you cant reconnect and you lose everything, making your entire run a total waste of time.

I've had frequent connection issues before with Killer Queen (another game we could get some peeps together to play sometime) but I cant figure out if its a problem with my switch or a problem with my wifi. I might try one of those wired ethernet adapters sometime soon and see if that fixes it.

Hmmm, it‘s been a long time, but maybe that’s how it worked in the orig?, but you were always playing off one save I guess. Seems a weird choice to do it that way now :confused:

Yeah I mean if you went over to someone‘s house with a GBA and cable to play on their gamecube you weren’t bringing your progress home with you. It‘s a shame it works that way with the remaster as well but I’m not that surprised I guess.

@ttzop#5314 You actually could import your characters via memory card! It kinda sucks that they didn’t bother to incorporate that feature.

I’m also hearing some not-so-good things about the general approach to MP, e.g. that you need to form a lobby for every single level and you can’t explore towns with friends. That’s kinda lame and seems like a small betrayal of the original’s spirit.

I wonder what the chances are that SquEnix eventually patches some of this stuff if enough people complain about it? They patched some substantial new features into the _Final Fantasy XII_ remaster and _Chrono Trigger_ PC port based on fan feedback.

I was really psyched for this and _Moon_ coming out the same day but now I wonder if it might be better to wait. I guess it’ll depend whether my friends are down for this.

I got the impression the budget‘s pretty tight, so I’m not holding out hope.