Final Fantasy Thread

The shiatsu lady

The secret third option of course is both/neither - they date each other.

uhhh do I even need to say anything???

We’re still April 2nd in the Americas, right?
It’s FINAL FANTASY VI’s 30th Anniversary today!


To celebrate, I dove into Kefka’s Tower yesterday!

I’ve been playing an FF6 difficulty rebalance hack called “Brave New World” over the past few weeks. Whew it’s a lot harder than the original game! But it’s also been fair and fun, not gimmicky or overly punishing. Also, while the story is unchanged, the hack definitely goof-ifies much of the dialogue; thankfully they also include a patch to return the text to a nice balance of the SNES and GBA translations. I recommend it!

Hoping to run the credits on that one tonight or tomorrow before I scurry off to the Star Ocean 2 remake.


What’s your go-to order at the Chocobo Grand Prix?

I think I’ll go with a Combo #3 – Popcorn and Milk


Speaking of Kefka, I managed to play through nearly all the old sprite-based Final Fantasy. Then, once I started the last dungeon of the last one I had not played, Final Fantasy VI, I could not dare finish it. If I finished FFVI, it meant there were no more. So I purposely never finished FFVI, meaning there was always some part of early Final Fantasy I had never played.

oooo a final fantasy thread, i like it!

anyone playing ffxiv? what are you up to there? o: wanted to see if i was the only person here who’s actively playing it and whatnot!


The jig is up. I am playing FFXIV. I’m a lv.18 Pugilist and I just unlocked the aesthetician. Still reeling from being told I can book him for 2000 gil from any inn after going to all that trouble to round up his tools for him. Jandelaine, you stingy little bitch.


oh! what are your thoughts/first impressions of the game so far! i really hope you’re enjoying your time with it! the first expansion can be a bit lengthy to get through but honestly it is so, so worth it.


I don’t know that I count as actively playing—I’m definitely in a holding pattern until the expansion and have been for most of Endwalker since the circles I played in largely disintegrated over the last few years. But I still log in just about every day and idle if nothing else because that’s just how I roll


i have thousands of hours in this game. i hope dawntrail doesn’t break me. countdown until eorzea selfie fest


It’s pretty chill! I’ve never played an MMO before but I bite off a little bit at a time and it’s been alright so far. I’m not sure where the narrative is going but I dig the setting and I like Thancred, Hamon Holyfist, every Lalafell. In fact, this cutscene from the monk route was pretty funny. This isn’t even the only time I’ve seen them use an astonished Lalafell character’s face to comedic effect in the tiny bit of time I’ve played so far.


if you’re enjoying the quest lines and the tone and stuff this early on, oh boy, when you get the expansions… oh wow… strap in

FFXIV is my favourite final fantasy and JRPG and my favourite seasonal TV show and my favourite rhythm game and my favourite fashion show and x.x


It took me from like 2019-2022 to get through ARR but when I did I tore through Heavensward and Stormblood after. I got halfway through Shadowbringers beginning of last year and burned out hard. Wasn’t really enjoying myself with the main story anymore, not sure if I’ll ever go back to it.

Loved my RDM main though!!

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yeah i definitely understand. to be honest, i don’t really have much of a social circle either in the game. i rarely play with my FC, mostly because our schedules don’t algin up a lot. thinking of joining linkshells or something where i can at the very least get some extreme trial practice so i don’t get too rusty. s:

break in what way? o:

yesss it’s actually one of my favourite games ever! been playing since… i think 2021? i started in shadowbringers and although i’ve had dips in playtime here and there (to be expected really), i still love the game as always.

i definitely understand the burnout. hopefully you’ll return to the game at some point, but no worries if you don’t, at least hopefully you’ve had positive experience with the game, story aside.


I also forgot to mention that I went full thighlander.

(When will I encounter armour as cute as my default set??)


My first ff was viii, I played it when I was 14. Its always been my favorite ff and one of my favorite games ever, even though I never finished it (stopped playing at the beginning of disc 4). After that i saw vii on some local magazines and of course I bounced off because of the graphicz, back then my english and my internet were pretty shit so i missed on the importance and discourse of it.

Almost 25 years later im playing it for the 1st time and I can see why it caused the impression it did and the importance it has. I gave it a try because something that was mentioned a few episodes back, about having the opportunity to have things being different (sometimes when I rewatch for the X time some of my favorite movies i always think, what if this time is different?)

Im still on disc 1, and even though I never finished any ff (even though i played most of them since ff6 onwards) I would like to finish it, as I would like to play the remakes once all have been released. Maybe its already too late to get that feeling, but who knows im still enjoying it anyhow


i think the most concise way to put it is that i have way less time to be mega fangirl these days lol

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Most players who dropped FF8 on Disc 4 do so because they didn’t use the Junctioning system to its full effect. Thus when they reach Ultimecia’s castle, they’re incapable of beating the bosses to restore their ability to use GFs. I presume that’s what happened to you, and I thoroughly recommend you give it another try. But this time, use every part of the buffalo.

There’s on the surface of FF8 a very cinematic, simple RPG about a group of teenagers fighting a war and figuring out they have amnesia. You play that game by summoning GFs.

But there are multiple layers to that onion. You can start drawing spells from enemies to bring every spell to 100, allowing you to junction efficiently. This makes GFs immediately irrelevant, since they cannot deliver more damage than you. That’s the first layer.

Then comes the second layer, the card game. By playing cards, you can get ingredients to make even more spells and abilities to power up your team. This means drawing spells is immediately irrelevant, since playing cards is a faster source of spells.

Then comes the third and final layer, playing the meta of the card game. You can influence the ruleset of the card game around the world, making the card game itself completely trivial to win every time. This allows you to juice up on all the rare cards ad infinitum, completely breaking the game and removing any difficulty out of any battle. This is the final form of FF8. When you realize that the real evil witch of FF8 is not Ultimecia, it’s the Queen of Cards!