First Person Cuters

In the same way that Cute 'em Ups are a spin on Shoot 'em Ups, I think it’s fun when a game replaces the desensitized gore and violence of FPSes with something cute or abstracted in an interesting way! FPS games are pretty unappealing if you don’t like guns, but there’s no reason it should have to be that way.

The steam FPS sale is on so I finally grabbed Lovely Planet, and it’s good fun! The chirpy music and soft colors elevates the game to feel breezy even when the precision run and gun platforming gets difficult. Shooting hearts is addictive!

What are some other cute shooters y’all recommend?


I don’t know if it qualifies as “cute”, but The Unfinished Swan does not involve shooting guns. Instead, you splat paint around to reveal the environment as you move through it.


This is exactly the kind of thing I’m interested in. I will give this a shot this weekend!

Those Slime Rancher games fit the bill


Fashion Police Squad seems like it might fit


This is something I would really like there to be more of. Gonna watch this thread.

At the risk of stating the obvious: Jumping Flash?


It’s not on Steam but I think this Doom mod Mr. Friendly fits here. It’s basically Animal Crossing for Doom and allows you to finally Talk To These Creatures.

It works with all the original maps but also any user created levels that are “vanilla compatible” so of course it pairs well with silly stuff like Boaty McBoatwad.


first person dresser

i played that last year and it was pretty alright, the platforming sections got on my nerves a bit


Mileage may vary on this as it’s still basically guns, but crime crackers is an early attempt at this and I find the characters and backgrounds cute enough?

The backgrounds really hold up to this day, I think.


This is exactly what I want right now, and for a buck and a half, too!


I like this one, where you explore a library Bernband style and throw books.

The same developers also made a P.T. clone that seems to have expanded a lot since I played it (unless it was always that big but I forgot).

Okay, I now see that I only played the short freeware version on itch dot io. Which I guess now serves as a demo for the one on Steam. Which I guess I’m going to have to try at some point.


There’s a fun little Jumping Flash clone on Steam. It gets somewhat confusing/frustrating in places but I enjoyed my time with it.