fishing games, talk about em

this little village

that's peak game design in my book


@exodus wheat catching escapades got me wondering:

so i have the dreamcast fishing rod + the marine bass games, and an N64 one and itoi's fishing game

i know PSX has one, what other classic systems have them as peripherals and solid fishing games?

@“IrishNinja”#p122253 it may be easier to ask which consoles didn't have fishing controllers. I'm pretty sure nearly every console had one of some sort, even some portables.

@“treefroggy”#p122265 oh man! okok

saturn? genesis/mega drive? snes, turbo/pce, gamecube, neo-geo, master system? i assume ps2 had one i missed, i likewise assume most HD era systems likely didn't bother, though i'd love to be wrong

Go fishing then run a shushi restaurant. I might check this out

@“rejj”#p122294 Steam is convinced that I need to play this game but I don‘t know a single person who’s touched it.

@“CoolGuy87”#p122347 looks like Nextlander checked it out recently. It’s the first game they look at in this video:

…I haven’t watched yet, so can’t say much else. At least this video will likely scratch my curiosity based itch and I’ll know if it is worth grabbing or not

I did a double-take when I realized Dave the Diver was a Nexon game. I guess they‘re branching out; that’s cool.

Anyway, this isn't a _video_ game, but my tabletop group has been playing Rod, Reel, and Fist and we've been having a great time. The "fish combat" is a lot of fun. You get to throw around a bunch of dice and it does a good job of representing the push and pull struggle of landing a fish.

@“IrishNinja”#p122273 just google “[console name] fishing controller!”

@Obskyr I’m still thinking about what you pointed out— fishing games “otherwise being for middle-aged men”. I’m only 30, but being world weary, I fit that demographic more and more. It’s probably why Itoi made two fishing games, and absolutely why Isozuri: Ritou Hen has such a somber tone on the title screen. It’s that somber postwar nostalgia that defined the japanese culture, I love it. I slurp it up like cold soup.

@“treefroggy”#p128951 Other genres in the same category include hunting games, train simulators, mahjong games, and… gulp… horse-racing games. All genres that I‘d more or less thoroughly dismissed, but earlier today, I watched the 2013 Game Center CX episode on Derby Stallion for the NES, and found that it’s just about my favorite (non-quiz game) episode of the show!? How much of that is down to the emergent story Arino created I cannot say – I‘d imagine that factor takes most of the credit – but I cannot discount the possibility that there’s a middle-aged man inside of me who wants out. Terrifying.

@“Obskyr”#p128952 also shogi games, the only games late Nintendo prez played.

But it’s definitely not the superficial middle age Japanese man’s aspects I love, it’s the _sentimental heart ❤️_, and the same thing that my [MOTHER theory]( revolves around. “_Known only by the seasoned”_

Horse racing is interesting because it kind of spawned Princess Maker -> Tokimeki memorial hospital -> monster rancher -> persona 3 ‘s daily/weekly activities mechanics.
Can’t wait for WINNING POST 10 2023 edition!!
Just kidding, but for really silly reasons I did research the entire history of the WP series just yesterday lol.

… for the record, I have a 7,000 year old [cave man]( who lives deep inside of me who wants out

Your redneck uncle had to listen to this:

I badly wanted to play River King on Gameboy back when I saw it in a magazine. I asked for it for Christmas but my family couldn't find it so they got me Donkey Kong Land 2. It was still pretty good but every once in awhile I have vivid imaginations of what I think River King would have been like.


Seems like a normal bass fishing game, but gives the very 90's playstation vibe like it could have been a merger between bass fishing and survival horror!

@“treefroggy”#p148151 sounds like my review of a primus show if ya know what i'm sayin