fishing games, talk about em

i bought the rapala pro series game for nintendo switch, and it was a pretty big bummer. are there any good fishing games, new or old?

i've always been a big fan of the fishing minigame in ocarina of time, which had a good tactile feel of pulling against the fish. even if it was simple, it felt like a real struggle, in contrast to the limpness of the switch game i purchased.


Spanish based studio Brainwash Gand just released this thing like one or two days ago, believe or not

Looks really cool!

@“JoJoestar”#p47264 love that its multiplayer and includes beer

companions and fizzy drinks are essential to the fishing experience

have always wanted to, but never have played Sega Bass Fishing with the Dreamcast reel.

_Ridiculous Fishing_ rules.

the recently released Moonglow Bay has caught my attention and its on gamepass, the best deal in gaming. havent played it yet but am looking forward to it! bit of a non standard more rpg from what I can tell but I dont think thats a knock against it

otherwise there's the classic mobile Ridiculous Fishing which is equally strange and patently ridiculous

I love a fishing game. Haven‘t tried it myself yet, but I recently wishlisted Luna’s Fishing Garden on Switch – the few reviews that are out there seem to like it:

@“antillese”#p47272 Sega Bass Fishing/Get Bass with the reel is fantastic, and I‘d highly recommend it! It’s pretty much the only Dreamcast game where I own both the US and JP version. I didn‘t start out as a fishing game fan in any way, but Get Bass made me a convert, and I’ve been a huge fan of fishing-based mini games in other genres ever since. I can‘t really explain why that is, but it’s up there with golf games as an activity that I never cared for in real life but that I love in game form.

And Get Bass just has a real magical feel to it that didn't transfer to Sega Bass Fishing 2 or Sega Marine Fishing, both of which are firmly good but not great. I can't really imagine playing it without the reel controller though!

It's too bad Sega Bass Fishing of the Dead wasn't a real thing (although I can imagine a much cooler version of it than this goofy April Fools joke one).

My semi-ironic hipster-gamer identity used to revolve around my enjoyment of fishing games. At some point I became totally burnt out on talking about them, and I realized I wasn't the only one with said interest.

For me, it started with going to elementary school in the rural south, having weird redneck friends with fishing games on their Playstations. Then the Gamecube original Animal Crossing, then experiencing epic fishing trips in real life, then discovering the Legend of the River King series, and eventually being inspired to design my own fishing adventure game and creating it in game maker, so I had to play every single Japanese fishing game I could. Eventually I had an old friend contact me for help with his senior thesis at college in Japan, which was about fishing. Eventually I wound up finding Sega Bass Fishing games at thrift stores in the rural south, realizing that redneck uncles unironically purchased and played these extremely Japanese games with hilarious Japanglish voice narration.

Here's a quick sloppy list

  • - Sega Bass Fishing 2 (or SBF _Duel_, the PS2 port)
  • - Legend of the River King 1/2 on GBC
  • - Legend of the River King: _A Wonderful Journey_ (PS2)
  • - Shigesato Itoi's No.1 Bass Fishing (SFC) ... this one is highly underrated and will be translated to english one day when MOTHER fans get their head out of the sand and realize how important this game is, I'm sure of it. Not holding my breath though.
  • - All the Sega Bass Fishing arcade-style knockoffs from various companies. Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge, etc.
  • - Reel Fishing series, specifically the PS2 ones.
  • - Sega Bass Fishing 1, Sega Marine Fishing. They're alright but I like 2 better.
  • So basically, before the indie boom, I would separate fishing games into two categories,
    The arcade-style fishing of SEGA, and the RPG Adventure style, augmented by arcade fishing mechanics of PACK-IN-VIDEO.
    Much of the arcade style ones are all the same, nearly identical to Sega Bass Fishing, but they all were worth a look (for me) for their soundtracks. I played mostly stuff for Playstation and Playstation 2.
    So that's to say nothing of indie fishing games, I'll leave that to you guys.
    There's enough Legend of the River King / Kawa no Nushi Tsuri games to last me a long, long time. To this day, there are some games in the series that go totally unlisted on the english Wikipedia page for the series.

    The first River King game came out on Family Computer in the same year as MOTHER1, making them both highly innovated modern takes on Dragon Quest, also meaning PACK-IN-VIDEO designed River King years before the first Harvest Moon. Many of them, surprisingly, have fan translations. Still waiting on the Super Famicom one though, I think.

    Did anyone else play Bassin's Black Bass With Hank Parker aka Super Black Bass II?

    I grew up fishing in Link's Awakening and Harvest Moon for gameboy. My favorite way to kill time on car rides.

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    At least... until this bad boy came along:

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    Though to be honest I never found fishing in Pokemon to be as interesting as other games unless I caught a Horsea (the best pkmn)

    Forgot to mention SEGA Bass Fishing Duel for PS2 is especially neat even if you don’t have the analog fishing controller because it makes use of the analog sensitive face buttons that haters love to hate. It works very cutely for reeling in depending on how softly you push the X button. All in all fishing controllers were always cheap until recently the DC one became more expensive. Great example of collectors buying stuff they will never use very much IMHO. I find them all to be just as enjoyable without said peripheral controllers. I have played each with and without the fishing controller and just got rid of mine when I moved into my van. I played through Sega bass fishing duel entirely with a regular controller.

    This was typed on my phone sorry for run Ons and no indentation

    [upl-image-preview url=//]
    Also don’t forget this bad boy I have a copy of it
    And don’t forget HOT•B apparently stands for *He’s Over There, Because* … probably my favorite thing I learned from Insert Credit

    As far as fishing games go there is a new one out I am interested in. Looks like it could be pretty fun.

    Also, here‘s a litmus test that works probably more than half the time: if a game that is not a fishing game has fishing in it, there’s a good chance it's a pretty good game

    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    The secret best fishing game!

    @“treefroggy”#p47312 thank you for this incredible post!

    im just reading it now but in a nice bit of serendipity i got a copy of sega bass fishing duel this weekend at mgc! even more excited to play it now

    i def am more interested in arcade style fishing but i am now intrigued by the river king games, mostly as a big fan of harvest moon.

    ### _FISH!!_

    I have bought a few PS1 and PS2 fishing games like Fish Eyes but haven't played them yet.

    What I'd really like is an open world fishing RPG set in Japan and you have one of those cool kei trucks and just roam around fishing and visiting places to eat.

    That said, I am beginning to form a love/hate relationship with fishing in games because fishing is somewhat barbaric and don't want to do it in games but you do get good items from fishing. But I'm a hypocrite and eat fish so... CONFLICTED.

    @“Chopemon”#p51989 This reminds me of some fishing game related thoughts I was having recently. While Get Bass is the high water mark for fishing games that I‘ve played so far, I really wish someone would make the exact opposite: a fishing game that’s laughably precise, and that doesn‘t play to the player’s desire to to have something cool happening constantly, so you can just sit for a half hour fishing without getting a bite. I don‘t personally fish (I’m vegan) but I can appreciate the meditative quality of just… sitting around, listening to the cicadas, tuning the radio, watching the clouds, and waiting for a bite. I just wish there could be room in the market for a game where you just don't do much. Does that make any sense?

    @“Karasu”#p51990 Yeah, I could go for that. Make all of the parts of fishing really ritualistic so you form good feeling habits and you can tinker with stuff then just relax at a really nicely rendered lake.


    @“Karasu”#p51990 a fishing game that’s laughably precise, and that doesn’t play to the player’s desire to to have something cool happening constantly, so you can just sit for a half hour fishing without getting a bite.

    Isn’t that the premise behind **Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No.1**, for instance?

    I think there were more realistic-type fishing games than arcade-type fishing games on the market during the bass fishing boom, although I couldn’t tell you if all of them are as realistic-minded "you might not catch anything for thirty minutes" as Bass Tsuri No.1.