Forum Game With IRL Consequences (prizes)

we have a few forum games that have been going for a while, but run hot and cold.

Idea: actual competition focused on one of the games for a set period, with a prize for the winner (provided by my storage container of stuff I'm told would be nice if it was no longer taking up so much space)

Thoughts about how it could work:

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    play a set number of rounds, and winner = most correct answers. We would do a sudden death in event of tie with tied players being eligible contestants

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    the winner would be responsible for running each game and ineligible to participate. Meaning that if we were to do What's that game, one person would be providing all the images for all rounds. (would prevent winners of one round from over-influencing the next)

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    prizes will be random. I will just blindly reach into the storage container of stuff I'm told needs to go. I'm not being generous, this is a win-win for me.

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    we should agree on a reasonably strict time to post new rounds, to give all time zones as fair a shot as possible, I think

  • LMK what you think forum users

    Love this idea!

    I agree with the basic idea, but I propose an alternative: instead of turning one of the existing forum games into a contest, we create a new forum game for that purpose. Specifically, we choose a game that's easily available and then organize a score attack competition around it - whoever has the highest score by the end of whatever deadline we decide wins the prize. (We can also define a practice period for people who may not be familiar with the chosen game.) Scores submitted by video, or by screenshot if we want to play by the honor system.

    If we were to do an existing game, I would suggest coming up with some kind of rule about how often any one person should be allowed to submit an answer within a given time period. We've been pretty good about this already but a defined rule could still be helpful

    @“Video_Game_King”#p58265 my only concern there is how accessible the games are, and how much time people can commit to playing them. It‘s a great idea but I wonder if it should be a parallel forum activity. I’m happy to incorporate it in this framework though if it works for a lot of people

    @"captain"#p58268 Yeah one guess or question until the game-runner responds. And I think there should be like a 8 hour window or something...

    please continue pitching suggestions + logistical concerns. I think once we have a rough idea of how to run it, we can get started on playing proper to see how it goes and course correct from there

    I'm thinking 3:00pm Central / 10:00pm London / 6:00am Tokyo is the most reasonably fair time. People can set post time in the forum drafts function, so no one in Japan need to actually be up early.

    Another concern is the geographical spreadoutitude of the forum. Would be logical for winner to pay postage, which adds another element to the game - eg. “boooo I paid £50 plus import duty for this Nintendo pencil” vs “woooo I won a speedboat”.

    @"billy "#p58281 I won‘t be sending out anything that will incur heavy shipping costs. I’ll link to a couple of charities where people can throw a few bucks if they want. That‘s been my method in the Sale thread, it works out ok and I’m not too worried

    Or perhaps we can enlist a forum member living in East Asia to procure and then ship a prize on your behalf, which may help immensely with the shipping cost.

    Or, to sidestep the issue of logistics entirely, we could offer an optional digital prize for anyone who is either disinterested in a tchotchke or is not interested enough in it to pay what will end up being an exorbitant shipping cost.

    Let's convince Brandon to put them in the Special Thanks section of the next Necrosoft release haha

    If the concern is promising the winner delivery of a physical good, then we can always say that the prize is an Intellivision Amico

    we can figure something out if I wind up needing to get a prize to kurt russell in john carpenter‘s the thing or whatever. I got king’s field IV to jojoestar's private island a while back no problem

    @“yeso”#p58278 “Accessible” in this context can also mean “quick and easy to download.” For example, one of the games I had in mind was Recca (or any of the Summer Carnival/Hudson Caravan games), since it‘s an NES game (easy to find, download in an instant, tons of emulation options nowadays) that’s explicitly built around building a high score.

    just to be clear, I'll cover shipping on prizes. Just FYI for people that want to play but are deterred by the thought of having to shell out $

    Looking forward to winning some NFTs on the forum.

    (nice free things)

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p58295 MAYBE

    that space is at a premium!!!

    Hey everyone, I have MAYBE convinced Brandon to put up a Special Thanks in the next Necrosoft release as a prize (turns out he's an exceptionally agreeable fellow)

    However we must all [wishlist Hyper Gunsport on Steam]( regardless of whether or not this will be possible

    JUST IN: Leaked picture from yeso's storage container[upl-image-preview url=//]

    @“Video_Game_King”#p58307 I think your‘s is a good idea especially for gunsport. It’s going to be $79.99 though or so I understand