Fough Paw: A Game Idea Thread

Not unlike the waking nightmare of someone recalling a dream you‘re passingly in (at best) this is a concise place for your game ideas, be they good or bad. I’d be sorry if this wasn't conceived as a dirtbag-juice runoff. Keep it here. Go wild.

An Amiger Innit game that's a kb-based input rhythm game of solely unlicensed cracktros

a fighting game with 2.5 to 5-minute balanced matches that uses licensed eurodance/beat/pop songs as the damage governing body.

A dance game but it's salsa/flamenco/tango dancing and instead of trying to match the beat you are trying to match your partner

A business simulation game like Aerobiz Supersonic, but you play an IP portfolio manager who is trying to develop a portfolio of well-known game characters who are ready for a reboot. Buy low sell high. But what you‘re buying is the concept that you can rehabilitate Chuck Rock and Awesome Possum. It’s obviously way harder than Aerobiz Supersonic.

A wario ware inspired game themed around snakes

Final Fantasy XV-2: Girl's Side

Instead of Ninja Turtle archetypes, it's Sex and the City archetypes. Fem-Noctis is a Carrie, Fem-Gladiolus is a Samantha, Fem-Prompto is a Charlotte, and Fem-Ignis is a Miranda ... wait a second

Also Cindy from the car wash would be the Stanford Blatch

A game where you follow the life and death of a whale, going through the experience of migration, avoiding ships and predators, protecting your calf, and eventually dying and floating to the sea floor at which point the game becomes a sim city style game set in the ecosystem of the whale fall.

@“Tradegood”#p110995 a gender-swapped ff15 would probably be enough to get me to like that dang game

@“Toph”#p111007 This would be very good edutainment that is inexplicably installed on school computers across the country and which people bond over suddenly remembering 20 years after the fact

We need a Yoshivania. Is there any metroidvania that even approaches Yoshi‘s gameplay style? It’s already got the classic platforming, boss fights and powerups like helicopter, submarine, etc. All they need is a big explorable map with a sense of progression.

Just had a really good one

There’s a certain setting for dark fantasy manga / anime / video games— a dungeon that you spend the entire game in. A dungeon that once entered, cannot be exited. A dungeon with entire communities within where people smuggle in their entire families if they can. Like falcom games of yore where the one way entry to a dungeon causes fellas to spend their entire lives in there, open up shop. Think made in abyss, Brandish, Delicious in Dungeon, etc.

Now combine that with Chulip or Animal Crossing, majoras mask, mother 3 etc.

Not just a dungeon life sim, but one of those wabi sabi happy shabby life games with a story. It’s just a comfy, lived-in dungeon and you feel like it’s your community in there.

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@“treefroggy”#p149600 I wish I could play this game you‘re describing right the heck now, I’ll tell you that.

Like if shadow tower was less about fighting and more about your dungeon commune. not necessarily dark but weird and dirty.

A strategy fighting game where attacks and movement costs some of your lifebar to do.

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i’m getting electrolysis done on my face. it is very painful, so i have to find ways to keep my mind occupied during each session. one thing i try to do is to focus intently on my breathing - i try to count 5 in, 5 out. sessions where i do this successfully tend to be easier to bear than ones where i don’t; sometimes i’ll come in distracted, and sometimes i’ll come in in the right state of mind.

i started thinking about gamifying this experience. i imagined a short game where the main interaction is trying to rhythmically hold and release a button to represent inhaling and exhaling, with visual feedback like this one gif i saw many years ago. the shocks from electrolysis would somehow make this harder… maybe during some in-game sessions, the visual would be harder to parse, or maybe there’d be a distracting sound cue or something.

another part of electrolysis that’s challenging is that my electrologist (who is very nice) will try to make conversation with me while she has a heated probe in my skin/my face is contorted. it’s very difficult to converse! i imagine in the game that speech bubbles would appear that require interaction, maybe dialogue choices, while the breathing in/out rhythm is going on. ideally over the course of the game more elements like this would be added (the last time i went, she put on a sade album and i was trying to tap along basslines while breathing rhythmically while talking to her).

i don’t imagine that this would be a particularly long game, but i think it could be interesting!