Free movies on YouTube

I've continued to ponder the state of the dollar bin at a movie rental store in the modern day, and it occurred to me that there is a very accessible way to dig deeply into that pile of once again in the digital age: the officially published and officially free Movies and TV page on YouTube.

You may not have known about this page; after all, they don't advertise it much (or maybe at all) beyond some recommendations you probably ignore, but it is a big darn pile of weird stuff.
And a lot of it is free:

Want stone cold classics? Sure! They've got [Who Framed Roger Rabbit]( and [Fiddler on the Roof]( Weird sequels! One [Grease 2]( comin right up. "Wow, they have this?" anime movies? Why it's [Mazinger Z: Infinity]( True elbow-deep-in-the-bargain-bin grab bags? Try whatever [Master of the World]( is.

I could go on. Forum folk, show me what weird movies you've found on YouTube for free. Turns out it's a rich and weird vein!

Oh and of course all the other stuff that gets slapped up on there, either by the publishers themselves or just whoever

years ago i watched rock & rule on youtube for free, but it looks like the upload has been taken down. which sucks, because that movie is amazing.

there are some good old film noirs (films noir?) on youtube - leave her to heaven (1945) is a particular favorite of mine.

i'm also pretty sure i watched tokyo story from a free youtube upload, but the quality on it was... not great.

I mentioned it over in the movies thread, but Mosfilm have been uploading their own content to youtube, available freely.


Non-American problems

Ahh well, that's just the way it is.
Is there a link that goes to all the official YouTube free movie offerings? I've had no luck finding it.

The thing I like about youtube “free with ads” movies is that they put stuff up there and take stuff down seemingly whenever. Twelve movies I bookmarked for watching later aren't there anymore. Will they ever come back? Who knows. The whole thing has this feeling of like, being a youtube backroom.

I had a scroll through what's on offer right now and two standouts for me are:
This bootleg Kung Fu Panda

The Dead or Alive movie

On the less than legitimate side of things, one of my favorite westerns, The Tall T, is on youtube, put there by some person:


@“hellomrkearns”#p120976 Is there a link that goes to all the official YouTube free movie offerings? I’ve had no luck finding it.

It's kind of hidden. Here's at least one way to get to it (though this way eschews categories)

Shout out to extremely excellent christmas movie The Bishop's Wife, notably featuring Cary Grant

Godzilla's here too.

In fact a lot of Godzilla is here

In terms of legit free YouTube-sanctioned stuff, I want to note you can watch 1998's dubbed Iron Chef series, and lots of good mainstream stuff like Heat, Ghost in the Shell, Pumping Iron, Drunken Master, Ronin, In the Heat of the Night, Mad Max, Robocop and lots of Godzilla movies. But my two personal picks would be:

**Convoy** (1978)

**But I'm a Cheerleader** (1999)

ghost in the shell

i watched this for the first time recently, because it was free on youtube, and i jokingly fist pumped >!when arcade games showed up!<

welcome back mr. mcdonald

The entire Berserk (1997) anime series, Japanese VO with English subs.

Savageland (2017) is an absolute master class in doing a horror movie as a found footage fake documentary. NEVER winks at the camera.

this is probably my favourite YT channel

Might as well link to @pasquinelli 's post on Roujin X.

@“Video Game King”#p121488 Looks like I'm off to build a version that has both the ENG and JP dub on the same file without burned in subtitles…

I plan on watching this later tonight: Dahufa, a Chinese animated film from 2017.

*never get tired*, the documentary about late 00s DIY punk outfit bomb the music industry!, has found its way onto youtube in full finally. it's great! worth watching whether or not you know the band I think.

New Castle After Dark is a great little channel, posting lots of obscure and fun horror and cult films. Mostly 70s but occasionally will dip into something a bit older.

They do have an intro, intermission and outro discussing the film which may be a turn off for some but I find adds to the late night schlocky feel of it all. Highly recommend!!

@NoJoTo told me about this movie in the discord, I haven't seen it yet though