Free Stars: Children of Infinity aka The Real Star Control 3

Woulda kinda thought this would be the sort of game that would be up ICs alley, but I cannae see any posts about it?

Anyway, there’s a Kickstarter up for the official sequel to Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters. Name change due to dipshit Brad Wardell and a big licensing kerfuffle a few years ago, but it has the original creators at the helm and does not look like an unworthy addition to the series.

Bonus: One-time guest and former Idle Thumbs-er Chris Remo was featured in a video series where the Devs spoke to others in the industry on their experiences making games:


man!!! sc2 is one of like my favorite games ever so having this actual star control 3 sounds so so good! i haven’t played the previously-released star control 3 since it first came out, but i don’t really remember it being that bad, despite how negatively it was received? that was uhh 1996 (!! i’m old, woof) so maybe i just was ready to gobble it up then no matter what

anyway, this new one looks surprisingly close to sc2? like, i know that not everything needs to be an exponential leap from one game to the next but it’s still kinda shocking how much this just looks like a fresh-ish coat of paint from the trailer. best to stick with what you know, i guess? i’ll reserve my judgement til i play it but… i dunno. i’m sure i’d be very disappointed if they made it like, a first person starfield thing or whatever that gives me motion sickness, but it seems like there’d be a lot of room to try new things out, even in the 2d maps ‘n’ chats realm. idk maybe there’s a lot of surprises they aren’t showing in the kickstarter trailer! i’m probably gonna stick some money in the money hole regardless!!!


I’m super interested in this game, I love starcon2. I’ve known about it being in dev for quite a while, but I know it’s coming so I haven’t paid much attention to it along the way.

I’ll be there on day 1 to play it, though!

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Best I can tell, I think the idea is more to give a framework with which to tell the story they’ve kept in their heads for the last few decades.

That’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to as well, is how much they’re focusing on making it open to modding and creating custom stories etc.

I’ve tried replaying UQM lately (never actually finished it!) and the gameplay still holds up regardless of what I’ve played it on… Switch, Vita, Xbox or PC. Maybe I should actually commit to finishing it before this comes out lol


FInally finished UQM/SC2 on the Vita! Mind you, had to use a guide to run through it because during my first run I discovered that there’s a goddamn time limit on the game! But I didn’t mind, the game is crazy fun and I can see myself wanting to play it again the same way in the future.

KS is still looking positive, with about 3 days to go they’ve almost hit the console ports goal. Everyone’s hoping for voice acting (which I loved about my playthrough of UQM) but it’s not looking like it’ll hit:

Tangential I know, but is the Genesis version of Star Control any good to actually play?

I never really liked SC1, save for the melee mode. I tried it again the other day but it looks like it has a number of scenarios and is some kind of tactical… something or other?

Used to play SC1 on PC but only ever the melee mode. Any time I tried the “proper” part of the game I just gave up. But I’m sure melee still holds up quite well on the Genesis.

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