I should mention I have a lot of mechanical keyboard parts, always willing to share with people. I‘ve helped people with lock switches and stabs and stuff. I’m not sure what I‘ve got in my box, but if you’re an IC keyboard guy I might be able to find that one little part you're looking for.

Also, I could make use of a good burn of SofTN for PS1. The legit copy I have boots, but is so scratched no audio plays. I tried burning a few copies of my own a few years ago to do the swap trick with it but was never successful.

It has been so long I can't remember what my problem was. But I was using a laptop sized BRD drive for burning and not a classic DVDrw+- whatever drive.

Hmm, I have a lot of old burns here, let me see what I've got.

PlayStation Japanese imports

Chocobos, Dancing, and Rorouni Kenshin!



Somebody grab these!!

I always liked to think that konami one was titled Pance! Pance! Pance!

also for the curious this kenshin is the RPG not the fighting game

Model 2 Genesis and a bunch of games. Cover shipping and it’s yours.

@antillese#9492 Whoa, i‘m 1000% interested if someone hasn’t already claimed this! Having to get rid of all my old consoles as a kid to get the next step up has always been such a huge regret.

@ttzop#9496 it’s yours. I’ll set up the PM.

And thank you for not making fun of me for liking Virgin Interactive Entertainment games from the mid-90s.

@antillese#9499 Thanks so much! Cool Spot was surprisingly good and I have a very embarrassing memory of throwing a huge fit when I was forced to do chores instead of playing Aladdin. Time has taught me that the SNES version is a better game but man, that animation in the Genesis version was mind-blowing back then. Really looking forward to this!

Yoooo, ttzop you just won the lottery - as penance(!?) you must attempt to beat sonic spinball and document your progress here

I actually owned and beat it as a kid and I gotta say the thought of doing it now fills me with dread. Hard to Game Over in but the ease of falling down to the bottom and having to climb back up over and over on the last stage has stuck with me.

Sounds like you're just the person for the job then :sunglasses_face:

WHOA the motherload!!! Way to go!

Also, I vividly remember being brought to actual TEARS by sonic spinball when I was a kid.

Look, I really don‘t want to name and shame Insert Credit forum friends, but I’m preeeeety sure that our colleague @ttzop received a 12lb box of Genesis stuff (which he promptly paid for A+++ etc.) but has not yet posted a long play retrospective of Sonic Spinball in which he 1-credit-clears it or goes insane trying. I thought we were forum friends here!! :grin:

yeah I have to say @ttzop is really dropping the (spin)ball on this one

Sorry I haven‘t posted about it! I had to step out of town for a week (as safely as possible, natch) but my roommate definitely received it so it should be safe and sound; I’ll definitely give Spinball the ole college try here in the next couple of weeks and enjoy some humble pie on how my gaming skills/patience have atrophied from when I was a kid.


Well I‘ve got some things for you all. Lemme know when you’ve redeemed something or if a code is dead so I can cross it off the list. Anyone with VR is gonna have quite a time.

~~Going Under:~~ ||ZLV3L-84BF7-HB9KR||
~~Half life alyx:~~ ||CF2T4-59XG8-IRJX8||
~~Mafia Definitive Edition:~~ ||ZR7KK-0MLB8-TKH82||
~~Wildfire:~~ ||PVK2F-N0XK9-8RFMR||
~~Medal of Honor above and beyond:~~ ||RXA9T-27FIL-2MC2Y||
~~Walking Dead Saints and Sinners:~~ ||L3CQZ-5CT92-XKTHY||
~~Destroy all Humans:~~ ||X4TVM-XYFB4-7MKFZ||
~~Raji an ancient Epic:~~ ||HKXFQ-9J7WQ-2ZRGB||
~~Stilstand:~~ ||CZ4W8-74WY3-M28Y8||
~~Wasteland 3:~~ ||PPF6Z-JM5QR-I43GL||

**Blizzard's thing:**
~~World of Warcraft:~~ ||RVRV-JT9K-KVRD3-M9VB-HTMF||

Spellbreak: ||4P5GG-EU3PG-GG9BL-GYA57||

~~Streets of Rage 4:~~ ||C0VNXHYVVFGFDNB7||

~~Phantom: Covert Ops~~ ||R3JHM-HAEC3-CCCFH-TKWAQ-PEEM3||
~~Lies beneath:~~ ||RPW9T-6W9MM-FCGNA-AM7JX-RAEWR||
Population One: ||MX4N7-QWJPW-3WFMA-CC7J9-6M4KG||

Marble Knights: ||XT364LPHNPX9||
The_Otherside: ||LN6H9L3YWNXN||

Until you fall: ||X6F5-2MN5-272R||

~~Yakuza like a dragon:~~ ||GGMMM-QJHFG-X2RYW-9VC73-RTT6Z||

OH YEAH, if you have money, maybe give some bucks to somebody's gofundme or a charity of your choice (I like punks with lunch

not at all necessary though!

@exodus#20177 I grabbed Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, thank you!!

I gave $10 to punkswithlunch cause they seem rather awesome.

I tried retrieving Wasteland 3 and it said it was already redeemed.

Not sure it is what has happened here but in the future it might be prudent to not post the codes unobfuscated because I know there a lot of bots that trawl the open internet for them constantly.

Ah heck… I was wondering about that. Wellllllll I hope that did not happen. What if I spoiler texted them maybe? I forget how to do that here