Hey folks.

To brighten the days of… everybody, I want to start a free trade thread. A thread for interesting stuff that you don't want or would like to share with people that might enjoy it more than dropping off at Goodwill or whatever.

Not sure how people feel about shipping - paid for by recipient or sender? sender feels more "free" but I also know some people won't want to accept something for completely free so I'm not sure. I'll do a poll and then delete the poll??

Lead-off example of free items:

  • - sealed copy of Metal Wolf Chaos. I had a small hand in this game and thus got some free copies but I only need one.
  • - random burns of PC Engine, PC-fx, PS2, DC, PS1 games. Claim one system per person? maybe more?
  • - 2019 sega hardware calendar from the tokyo office store.

  • Etc!!
    Oh one wrinkle with this thing is since we don't have DMs here, we'll have to provide email addresses to connect for physical mailing addresses and stuff...?

    By burns you mean burnt discs?

    I've got a box full of old PC games in my attic that might be a decent novelty to have for some folks, I'll dig it out.

    yeah, burned discs. they are literal backups because I own all these games!

    @exodus#6240 I can vouch for this he does really own everything you want to burn for him on a disc

    @exodus#6237 Metal Wolf Chaos is great! And stupid! And great! What was your small part in its production? Not angling for a copy btw, just curious.

    I have a spare third-party PlayStation link cable. If someone wants that they can have it!

    okay, so it looks like receiver paying for shipping is the thing folks want!

    I'll put Metal Wolf Chaos (PS4!!!!) up first. Basically what happened is Devolver asked me if I knew anyone at From who could try to move the process ahead because they really wanted to publish and remaster metal wolf chaos. I said I didn't, but I did know who represented them, and I'd talk to them and get their take on it. So I did that, and it turns out they'd spoken to Devolver earlier but Devolver hadn't wanted to pay for their agent fees etc, which is understandable. So I went back to Devolver and was like look, if you're willing to pay the price for the license plus the agency commission, I'm confident it can happen.

    Devolver was like "oh, I thought the whole deal was off the table, okay, let's investigate." So I went and re-introduced them and I have no idea what kind of deal they worked out but it wound up coming out at least in part because of that blocker getting removed.

    That's the kind of thing I do all the time but nobody knows because I'm not in credits for it! Anyway I got three copies of the physical release, kept one, traded another for a record, and would like to give the third one to somebody who might enjoy it. The game didn't ultimately do that well and is pretty rough to play in 2020, but it's a fun little moment to have been a part of.

    Keeping in spirit with a semi-recent post, I have a spare copy of The Third World War for SEGA CD if anyone is interested in trying it out. Here‘s my rant about it in the insanely cool and fun "What’s that game?" thread.

    Comes in a (obligatory) broken SEGA CD case from Blockbuster (complete with era appropriate confused font NEW! sticker and price tags).


    No manual ([but here's a PDF copy of it on](


    I remember when I got it it the label side of the disc had a strip of electrical tape on it for some reason, which I peeled off.
    I just popped it in to make sure it works ... it does!

    My only stipulation is when you're long done with it, and you have to consolidate stuff, don't throw it away and doom it to a landfill. Make an attempt to pass it along to someone else that might appreciate a weird game.

    I'll take third world war!

    Now who's taking my metal wolf chaos!!!!!!!!!!

    also I don't know how to proceed from here other than saying mail me at brandon at insert credit dot com!?

    @exodus#6317 I already have both versions of Metal Wolf Chaos!!! Ha ha! Someone take it, its the most playable From Soft mech game.

    Cool. I'll email you. :slight_smile:

    I‘m tempted … but my Xbox is packed up and I don’t know when I‘d dig it out and get to play it (and I am a professional procrastinator). I’d rather not be greedy and see someone claim it that will play it right away. :slight_smile:

    Oh, I should mention this is PS4 Metal Wolf Chaos!

    I have a pearl pink DS that doesn‘t seem to work that someone’s welcome to. Maybe you can fix it? I think it‘s a Japan model, but the charging cable is for Australian wall holes, because that is where me and the DS live. The lid’s a little scratched.

    I don't remember it not working. Just found it in a box after I thought I'd already given it to someone. It powers on (get a green light), but nothing happens on screen.

    I don't seem to have a box for it anymore, which is weird because I always keep that stuff.

    I have a physical copy of The Evil Within for PS4, one of the only disc based I purchased all generation. I'm sure theres someone out there would appreciate it for their collection.

    I've got a copy of The Last Express as well. Box and all, though I think the box is ripped. But I believe it has all the inserts and doodads that came with the original release. I'll post more once I dig around.

    @exodus#6237 I've enabled private discussions, you can access them from under your profile in the top right. They work the same as threads, only you invite people to it.

    Please people do not abuse this, or harass people! I will disable this feature if it gets misused!

    Cool, metal wolf chaos to you! I'll figure out this dm thing.

    So I did! Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now.

    Remember this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

    Anyone in the Bay Area want a large pile of Game Informers? About 50-ish issues from the 360 era.

    I'm guessing no, since this was a widely available/printed thing, but offering before they get kicked out of my place.

    I hope somebody does!! I think if nobody here wants them the MADE might want to put them in storage??

    Looks like they'll have a home.