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Nominate your Frog games and Frogs _from_ games and we'll poll for results! Two separate polls, one for Frog games and one for Frogs *from* games.
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Frog Bog!


Swallow with your eyeballs and leave poops the size of your thigh. That is the froggy way.


Is George Costanza a game preservationist?

@“Mnemogenic”#p148221 added Frog's Bog

@connrrr this is what Frank Cifaldi does every day

Swedish floaty jump sim Amazing Frog? (2013) for the Ouya as depicted in this classic Grumps episode.

The SNES was a good time for knightly frogs.

Glenn is an icon of course

[URL=][IMG height=300][/IMG][/URL]

Mais, Breath of Fire 2 Jean is one of ze frogs zat is ah... how you say... French?

Who can forget the knightliest of all tadpoles, Mallow, and his father, the wise sage Frogfucius

[IMG height=300][/IMG]


More like [U-frog-ria: The Saga](

[IMG height=300][/IMG]

@“Tradegood”#p148229 Squaresoft in general was frogged up in the slop

I'm honourable :slight_smile:

And also for Frogs in games, and yes I am going to make a very terrible joke, this is my nomination:


It's funny as being English in France I am also picked on for her demise!

Here’s Filmia from Legend of Legacy, a somewhat more obscure frog prince rpg character,

@“powderooze”#p148249 aka Shelley Duvall‘s It’s a Frog's Life (for the 3DO)

Fire breathing frog bosses in FACE games

I feel like I remember one in valis but can't find it.

@“exodus”#p148253 gotta comb Hani in the Sky & On the Road for Frogs

Here we go …

submitting Frog Detective for your consideration as a game

and the Save Frog(s) as a character!

Just some frogs from FF9 and Snake Eater


Demon of Song

Good timing on this thread actually. Saw a few frogs today.


I’ve been busy need to update or run a new poll later. If I could give admin Froglidges to the Froglodites I would

@"Gaagaagiins"#429 yeah no yeah I’m pro-battletoads but I’m not a battletoads pro

edit: added Frog Detective and battletoads


@“treefroggy”#p148327 yeah no yeah I’m pro-battletoads but I’m not a battletoads pro