FromSoftware Thread

Since Dark Souls talk breaks out all over the place, and in the image of our Lords the “Final Fantasy Thread,” the “Suikoden Thread,” and the “Dragon Quest Thread,” I give you: The FromSoftware Thread. Beginning with… news?

I like the incredibly roundabout manner in which you can get the Sword of Moonlight in King's Field II. It is normally reserved for the final cutscene after the final boss. You can instead grab it in-game by precariously damage-boosting over a gap to the other side of the boss, grabbing the sword, then purposefully dying, while holding an item which will resurrect you back in the main hub.

hope elden ring won’t be from doing a cd projekt style technical overreach. The post dark-souls games are all a little creaky despite having actual budgets…

I think that FromSoft‘s PS1 library doesn’t get the love it deserves. The controls are quite awkward, but they were doing big real time 3d rpgs before anyone else really even tried, and made like half a dozen good ones.

My favorite of course being

@MichaelDMcGrath#18983 This looks straight painful to actually play, but it does have a vibe, doesn’t it?

I remember that day when those Project Beast webms dropped.

Every single time a new Fromsoft game in this post-souls era appears I remember Miyazaki saying this in a Vice interview:


And like... damn, can we get this? Please? I like me some souls games but it's been a good chunk of years of dark fantasy already.

Actual leak-os

Also I have brag rights here.

@JoJoestar#19002 I knew someone would come through with the actual vids!

Oh man I don’t care who you are that is Dark Soul 4 right there

Growing up I didn‘t realize a lot of the games I liked on the PS2 were From Soft. For the longest time, I thought I was a big fan of Agetec’s bargain bin catalog.



There was a rumor years and years ago their next game was going to be a souls-like with a sci-fi setting.

I, for one, could (and will) continue playing fantasy rpgs til the day I die, as long as they're good. If from soft stops pushing the envelope and making premiere dark fantasy RPGs dungeon crawlers, there will still be a thirst for them, and someone else will do it!

Also it hurts me every time I hear someone say King's Field has bad controls or is unplayable. We're just so accustomed to one thing now. I couldn't imagine King's Field playing any other way. High level king's field combat feels like a dance and is as tense as a dark souls fight at times. This isn't unique to KF though... It's practically the same as arguing for dual stick controls for DOOM.

Yeso sent these to a tiny archipielago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean what a cool guy


I remember that rumor and every time a new from soft game is announced I think of it and wonder "could this be the one...?" I love me some dark fantasy, but I would melt over a sci fi souls like with laser swords and zappy guns.


@CidNight#18987 This looks straight painful to actually play

You'd be surprised at how close the mechanics are to early iterations of Souls. Combat is all about the circle strafe or otherwise cheesing enemies with any means. The level design is sprawling and connected in a cool DS1 way. The strikes against it are that dying can waste a lot of time (normal for that era) and the pace is extremely slow, moreso than the King's Field games even (to me, it seems). I imagine it'd be pretty playable with emulator save states though.

@CidNight#18987 Implying that any From Software title isn't also painful to play.


This could end up sucking but I was sold once I saw those giants pulling the cart. That shit rocks.

@treefroggy#19026 Well yes. But a different kind of painful.