Gaagaagiins style no context poll


This poll was inspired by seeing a kid playing Garena Free Fire on their mom's phone in a dentist waiting room

Kept it real, but I did guess that it was probably one of those massively popular games that is somehow never mentioned in circles of press or in groups of people who keep up with video games

I approve of this aping of my style as much as I have not heard of Garena Free Fire, which is to say, 100%

thanks to this thread for demonstrating how smooth the animation on those little bar graphs in polls are. however, the black tick marks in one's chosen option are lost against the background! overall 8/10.

didn‘t need to click on View Voters to know who answered "I’ve played it."

To be fair, a lot of people outside the US don’t know anything about Halo either.

It makes sense one wouldn’t know about Free Fire if they are not privately or professionally invested in SEA and LATAM markets, or mobile gaming as a whole. Just like I am perpetually perplexed by the existence of Israeli juggernaut [Coin Master](

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Grrr, that stupid pig forever mocking me!

Free Fire should be around $400M revenue for 2022, for reference. The game used to be a perennial Top 10 attendee but the emergence of PUBG Mobile and recently COD Mobile, in addition to the ever ongoing upgrade of "lower end" smartphones, have dented its popularity in the past couple of years.

A similar phenomenon specific to China and even moreso Japan is NetEase’s Knives Out, known as 荒野行動 (_Kōya Kōdō_, wild behavior) locally. Knives Out was basically Free Fire’s main rival as the other extremely fast PUBG copycat on the smartphone market circa 2017, back when PUBG exploded on PC. Specifically for Japan, the one year exclusivity deal for PUBG on Xbox One and (back then) low market penetration of gaming PC made smartphones the perfect destination for a local boom of battle royale games, especially among teenagers. Both [Knives Out]( and [Free Fire]( eventually got sued by PUBG’s owner Krafton.

If you are interested in the wider topic of under^[b][/b]discussed gaming juggernauts, the Insert Credit forums had a good (if short) [thread]( on this phenomenon in 2021 and Free Fire was mentioned back then too.


@“chazumaru”#p101615 Just like I am perpetually perplexed by the existence of Israeli juggernaut Coin Master.

I think I played that once out of morbid curiosity. Horrified to learn I both had a horrible time (that game SUCKS) and however microscopically through ad revenue did not adhere to BDS

Funny Gaagaagiins style no context poll: (attn: @ana )

I've known a bunch of people that used to play Free Fire but noone that plays it today. I remember the game being a staple of a lot of commuters in the subway when I first moved to Santiago.

Free Fire is one of the biggest games in my country, being sort of a modern age successor to King of Fighters in that it‘s a more accessible alternative to its genre’s first world heavy hitters (Street Fighter, Fortnite/Warzone) that also happens to be apparently pretty good.

So yeah cheap Android phones are the new Neo Geo arcade machines

Also my girlfriend is pretty into it

Poll succeeded in raising the IC forum family's awareness of an important game that was in our (or at least my) cultural blind spot. Good job.