Game characters in alternate scenarios / alternate art

Spike Chunsoft just recently released this image of the full Danganronpa cast in formal attire

…which has me wondering: what other examples can you all recall where some promotional (or otherwise) official art from a developer has their characters in a different or new setting or scenario, or wearing different costumes, etc?

I'm thinking of things beyond fighting game alt costumes and the like, but rather characters that perhaps usually only have a single look within their game(s) that then are presented differently outside the game later.

(btw, I love this Danganronpa cocktail party look)

King of Fighters always has the best ones. I've collected these at my Heck Yeah Shinkiro blog

[Band of Fighters!](

@hellomrkearns#13511 Oh yeah. The way in which SNK would create the fiction of their characters existing outside the games was a tremendous influence on me as an artist. Just the way it let your imagination run wild. I was obsessed with this image as a teen.


That KoF '98 pool side cover was the inspiration for this cover to one of the issues of my comics.


The sonic screensaver was full of this kind of stuff.

I also love the way Sega does up it's characters for Christmas time. I printed this picture out and used to hang it on my bedroom door during the holiday season.

Both the KoF and Sonic things are fantastic. I’m a sucker for this sort of stuff.

Shinkiro's art always looked weird to me, especially the faces. Everyone looks related.