Game development tips, tricks, flexes, or general non-sense

Hey everyone!

I dug through the threads a bit and saw a few threads dedicated to new games folks have developed that participate in the thread, but I thought it would be cool to have a general thread based around in-progress game development (both big and small games, 2D and 3D, whatever) and general non-sense based around that. I know in the past I‘ve wanted some quick critique or (to give quick critique) or inquire about some random cool technique I’ve seen in projects, so I figured this could be a cool thread for that!

So, what're you guys working on?

Hell yeah, excited to peep the gamecraft posted here.

I have been wanting to make a card / tile based game for a long time and was feeling inspired by the FF8 & FF9 card games (recently booted up both of those for the first time and immediately became more interested in them than the rpg) so I decided to roll my own mutation for the global game jam last January. I present: **LOAMWEAVER**


It is essentially triple triad, in that you attempt to flip your opponent's cards to your color (white, or black) by placing creatures next to theirs, while modulating that interaction by placing lands that provide adjacency buffs.

The current build is playable for 2 people, hot seat style (kind of awkward i know, given the Current State Of Things). You can [download a windows build here (includes instructions)]( Code & Design by [me](, Art by [Caleb Cutler]( You can follow us [@wonkware_ on twitty]( and on [itch](

Would love any feedback y'all have about the mechanics / balance / UX / etc. I want to encourage fun, strategic play that is accessible but lurks with depth. What I consider a "full release" includes:

  • * Sound and music (anybody here make dungeon synth they want to put over this? 👀)
  • * Creature card art
  • * Single player against AI
  • * Networked multiplayer ??? lmao, i think if anything, this would be a good candidate for me to Get Into Networking because the interactions are so simple.
  • Known Bugs:

  • * It will sometimes display the incorrect winner of a match
  • * Obscure placement bugs: tiles disappearing, etc

  • @dicegame#19168 Oh this is super cool! That title screen is fun and I dig the aesthetic overall. I‘m a Mac user at home, but I’ll definitely get an opportunity to play it sometime this week. I‘m curious about the average length of a game? I’m trying to gather the length from the rules (imaging gameplay), but I'm not able to piece it together!

    @Metroplex#19231 a game lasts about 5-10 minutes! Each player plays 2 hands of 6 cards.


    This looks awesome!! I love simple yet complex card games like this. Definitely gonna try this out later.

    I've been poking around in Pico-8 off and on and have been currently working on a project I'm calling Zap and Slash. You hold Z or X to activate the character's gun or sword, then click on monsters as they appear to attack them with the corresponding weapon, matching the colors.


    There's also gonna be items and bosses:


    I haven't got much programmed yet... Just the ability for the mouse to detect which sector it's in and I've got the beginnings of enemy AI in. My roommate (who works with me on other projects) has been helping me program a lot of the stuff I have trouble with since usually I'm doing the art department. It's been a fun project and learning experience and I love the heck out of Pico-8.

    Here's a few more enemy sprites:

    Also... not necessarily game related, but PicoCAD was just released and I've been doing up tiny models and having a blast doing it so Imma show a couple off here. Maybe I'll use them for a gacha style game one day. ;)



    @milo#19246 oh wow, that's super rad. I had no clue Pico had that sort of power behind it nowadays, I might look into that. Are those exportable to other programs? Giving me big N64 vibes!

    I also love the interface of the first few stills, Pico-8 seems like such a rich program.

    I didn't share anything initially out of stage fright, but here's a couple concept stills from my 3D environment I'm working only for my thesis. It's super rudimentary and it's not quite a game, but I'm pulling a lot of visual inspiration from mid-2000s platformers and stuff!

    @milo#19246 YO! respect for using pico-8, looks like a lot of fun! Those pico cad models are slick. The dithering PicoCAD uses looks great.

    @Metroplex#19268 love those wonky garage doors !!! what are your plans for it?

    for any gamemaker users out there this dialogue engine is 60% off !!! looks super slick.



    Thanks!! As of right now you can only make cool looking spinning gifs but they're working on an exporter now.

    I'm currently juggling three projects.

    A Semi-On-Rails 3D Run'n'Gun game called Escape from Terror City

    A Pulp Sci-Fi Action-Adventure game, which is the third installment in an episodic series called Space Captain McCallery

    And a Science-Fantasy Action-Adventure game called Reavers of new Rome

    This month I'm focusing on Escape from Terror City, because of the three it's got both the smallest scope and the best response from people on twitter, and I think I can get a pretty significant way through development over the next month.


    Ummm wow!!! I am absolutely in love with these! Do you have a twitter or itch page? I want to follow your progress and give you money. I especially like the third one.

    Fantastic job!!!

    Also what engine are you developing in?

    @AlecS#19297 sexy as fuck


    Thanks so much! I'm working in Unity.

    I'm @malec2b on twitter
    And here's my [Itch Page]( (And, I guess while we're at it, here's my [Steam Page](



    Seriously, I love your low-poly style. And anything with dinos and science fantasy just gets me going.

    @AlecS#19297 Wow that aesthetic is INSANE. what's the reasoning behind your color choices? The palettes are all doing wonderful things to my brain. Are you working with others on all of them or just solo?

    @dicegame thanks!! It's moving towards a 3D platformer with light-action RPG influence on combat! It's from the perspective of a kid in a small town, so there's a lot of influence from the imagination of children and conspiracy theories and things like that! It's pretty early rn!

    The last game I put out was like 5 years ago and I've worked on 3-4 games in between there and put a bunch of time into them but once I get past the initial “engine” I lose interest and shelve it. I should probably focus on smaller games or work with people but that has its own headaches. I dunno lol.

    @AlecS#19303 Ha! Turns out I was already following you on Itch.


    I actually just had this discussion with my dev team.

    Smaller games definitely help with morale, being able to see something be made from start to finish no matter what it is. And it's fun to make little packages. Pico 8 really helps with this because it forces you into a tiny box and you have to work with what you got.

    Hey all. SO I've never made any games or done anything in that realm at all (mostly just do music). What would be a way for me to get into making little unambitious games? Like is there a main program for beginners to use? Like obviously initially it would just be messing around with the tools or whatever and not doing anything serious.

    Like, obviously I know I won't be able to do any of this right away, but would love to be able to eventually make some janky cheap cute 2d platformer or a thing where you can walk around a weird environment and swing a sword or something. I just don't even know where to BEGIN with that stuff, or how much is doable without being able to code, etc.

    Appreciate any help for a dilettante :)

    @rainbowbattlekid#26188 It depends in part on what OS you‘re on and in part on what paradigm you want to replace the coding part with. For example, ClickTeam Fusion or Stencyl might be the most visual ones, if wrangling nodes is your thing you you could try Godot or Unity with the Playmaker addon.

    Everybody learns differently and tools don’t usually make assumptions on what kind of game you're trying to make.