Game Soundtrack Plagarism

@JoJoestar#7909 This happens in Japan all the time as well, but with music from Japanese games (so you‘ll hear a song from Monster Hunter on some random variety show), but I’ve always assumed they got proper permission to use those songs.

What you're describing sounds way more wild, and sucks for artists like Ben Prunty, but it sure would be fun to encounter that music in such an unexpected way.

the connection between this track

and this one

never really occurred to me until i heard this arrangement:

I don‘t think this is actually plagiarism and is therefore probably outside of the realm of this thread, BUT I have been thinking for almost a decade now about the similarities between these tracks from the Deadly Premonition OST and these other tracks from Cowboy Bebop. I believe with every fiber of my being that whoever composed these songs for DP was told, “Make them sound kinda like these tracks from the 3RD DISC of the Cowboy Bebop OST, please!” I’ve never been able to share this thought with anyone in my life so I have to express it right now!!


Dr Sparkle on twitter just mentioned this one.

@wickedcestus#7983 Pretty hard to argue! I only wish there was a third example, because then your case would be pretty much unassailable.

The first time I heard Cosmic Surfin‘ by YMO I thought "Oh hey, it’s Wonder Boy!" (Obviously Cosmic Surfin‘ came first, but I didn’t get into YMO until I was in high school, which was many years after I first played Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair.)

This is a case that feels to me like when I'm trying to play a guitar riff by ear, but can't quite figure out, so I end up playing something that's 85% of the way there.

Yoooo that Double Dragon II one is wild how it comes full circle with the arranged edition!! dang, so many good ones in here. I also realize I'd never seen Cosmic Epsilon, great floor textures on that thing. I wonder if Masaya Matsuura knows about this particular bit of plagiarism… I guess he must at this point.

Speaking of Masaya Matsuura…

A fairly blatant one, but I forgive it as it's what got me into Can.

Matsuura!!! I guess if he can get plagiarized, he can some plagiarization himself.

I dunno how I never put this one together.

@sixteen-bit#7998 Haha thanks for reminding me of this one! I first saw Heathers about 3 years ago and was like “Yo - that's Metroid music!” What a weird film to pull a sci-fi track from unless it was coincidence.

Led Zeppelin's Fool in the Rain sounds suspiciously close to SNES Mario Kart (specifically Yoshi's victory music and the player select)

More PaRappa:



I wonder if there was ever an intention to clear these as real samples at some early stage.

@billy#8269 getting into Can through PaRappa the Rapper is the best thing I've ever heard

the first part of the Anxious Heart melody is lifted from the song Spacelab by Kraftwerk

genuinely wish i was cool enough to have discovered this on my own

Surprised this hasn‘t come up yet because it’s the most famous example I can think of

Use of the "classic" Metal Gear Solid theme was discontinued after MGS3 due to allegations of plagiarism.

That's why the big musical montage during the fight at the end of MGS4 does not include it (instead uses the "alert" theme), even though it's like one of the most iconic pieces of music from the series.

@MichaelDMcGrath#8379 I was 14 or 15, and someone wrote into the letters page of what I think was the official PlayStation magazine pointing out the similarity. That stage's music was a favourite of mine, so I enquired at a local record shop and the rest is history!

Just remembered this reverse one!

Sonic 8-bit - Bridge Zone (1991)

Janet Jackson - Together Again (1997)

This might be my favourite:

NES Pinball (1983)

Cheap Trick - Surrender (1978)

i recently came upon the soundtrack for the videogame INCA (DOS, 1992). The main theme is very reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel‘s “El Condor Pasa (If I Could)”, which itself is a cover of a Peruvian song composed in 1912, perhaps based on traditional tunes. The rest of the soundtrack is also reminiscent of other things, though I can’t quite pin them down. The last one (“Aguirre”) is definitely Bach's “Art of Fugue”.

gotta love those chonky chonky sounds