Game-themed Halloween costumes

This topic brought to you by my desire to share my new costume.

[“Game-theemed Halloween costumes”,“Game-themed Halloween costumes”]

I haven't liked many game themed halloween costumes but this is a good one

Here’s mine from Insert Credit’s favorite game!


Here's a muscular alien costume I wore once when I was a teen, presented in the form of a cropped screenshot from a MSN Messenger window for a more powerful 2005 impact.


i ripped up an old black t-shirt and made myself a YoRHa bandana one year so I could go to a party. man, remember parties?

Naaaah, parties are too 2019 for me.

Saw this and I died of cuteness overload.

Also I'm planning to make a vibri from Vib-Ribbon costume for next year. I thought of it to late this year.

Basically a black outfit with some white glowing stick/thingys stuck in the form of vibri .