Game titles that are sports scores

Warhammer 40,000

**Space Marine** 2 -

Lmfao, I know this thread is new, but I literally thought to myself, “jeez how many could there be?” To find a single one.

Dammit, what about Final Fantasy 10-2 or 13-2. Not exactly a score but a season's record.

@“Karnovski”#p73851 acceptable! I’ve been sitting on this dumb idea for a while, but the pc gamer stream space marine 2 announcement combined with residual excitement from the preceding Demonschool announcement tipped me over the edge. Also:

Super Mario Advance 4 -

Super Mario Bros. 3 -

Some that sprang to mind:

Outrun **2006** - Coast **2** Coast
Picross **3**D - Round **2**
Super Mario Land **2** - **6** Golden Coins

and basically all of the Mega Man Zero sequels lol

Left 4

Dead 2 -

Ooooh! Now that I read your posts out loud I get what you are going for. Ignore my previous ones.

#### 4X 4

#### EVO 2

@“kory”#p73862 Valve also has

### Half-Life 2

### Episode 1

the seattle half-life against the tacoma episodes


Looks like Tacoma just barely managed to tie things up. It‘s a tight match–I have a feeling we’ll be sitting at

Half-Life 2 -

Episode 2 -

for a while...

I forced my own hand, I have to find more now.

### Capcom vs. SNK 2

### Mark of the Millennium 2001

[upl-image-preview url=]

### Call of Duty 2

### Big Red One

Incredibly close match, they maxed out the scoreboard.

### Matsumoto Reiji 999

### Story of Galaxy Express 999

World Soccer winning, 11-9

How could we forget

### Space Channel 5

### Part 2



It took me opening this thread to realize you were looking for games with two sets of numbers in their titles, not games whose titles could somehow function as soundtracks to sporting events.

Anyway, for the latter, I offer *Xplora1*. It *sounds* like something you'd hear at a soccer match in the 90s.

genuinely delighted to be able to participate in this spectacular, excellent thread

**Ready 2**

**Rumble Boxing: Round 2**

tie game!

@“oprel”#p73881 This game ended in a tie because the score maxed out.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4

**Episode 2** -

edit: when they eventually release the 4th Sonic movie, they should split the story into two parts and call them _Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1_ and _Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2_, this just came to my mind and i had to write it somewhere

Ishar 3 -

The 7 -

Gates of ∞ -