game tracking apps

hey folks

do any of you use one of those letterboxd adjacent sites for tracking the games you're playing/have played? do you have a favorite? I've been using backloggd lately and it's pretty neat.

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to talk about them and swap @'s and lists and stuff. here's mine:

I‘ve linked a few lists and stuff I’ve made on Backloggd before [1] [2] [3], but I guess I never actually linked my actual account! I use the website pretty regularly, leaving little reviews and making lists I think are interesting. Be sure to peep through to find some takes on games I haven't shared on the forum…

I use Collectorz for tracking my game collection:

This has browser and an app version so I can scan barcodes in for games to add them to my collection.

It allows you to mark games as completed but is more focused on cataloguing a collection so it doesn't do the reviews or have the community features of Backloggd.

Here! Behold my extremely bare-bones account. I don't do reviews, lists or even dates on completed games - feels like cyberstalking myself! So if you want to judge me you gotta work for it.

I used to have a meticulously entered list of some 1000+ games over at, but I very much would not recommend them at this point. First they started showing my collection value as $0 then they moved that feature (real-time collection value estimation) to a paid feature. They started monetizing the user base pretty heavily and now they have lost my collection entirely– like it just shows up as empty now.

I will never bother with another site/app like this unless it's open-source and I can export my data easily. Might even be nice to self-host something like this.



I use Gameye which is free, has easy dump to .csv options, but isn’t about reviewing stuff. Not sure I can even share my account in any public way. Seems like it scrapes price data from pricecharting, but maybe they’ll get cut off at some point. I’ve been pretty satisfied with its functionality and ability to back my data up independently. Not open source tho.

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oh yeah, me & some of my coworkers have gotten into backloggd as well, hoping it sticks. cheers folks :wave:

I have a backloggery page I‘ve been using for about 7 years, been scared to migrate all of that info to backloggd but I’ll probably do it eventually. It seems like a nice website.

I use How Long to Beat to track what I have but I haven‘t updated it in a long while. I do add everything that I finish to it though, if it’s listed on the website, but I only add platform and completion date for any actual detail.

I'd like to start using Backlogged but migrating some 7 years worth of completion data plus the actual backlog itself would probably take several days.

here's my backloggd account:

I haven't written on there in ages but I do still rate what I'm playing. I'll try to add people that have posted their links in here. If anyone wants to call me out on my bad writing in a constructive manner that's always welcome/encouraged too lol

I always hit a wall with backloggery, can‘t remember exactly why so I won’t try to remember and say something wrong here. I remember aside for GUI groans it‘s kind of superficial, like I didn’t like the box art they used for Mother 3 and it‘s very english-speaker-centric. Like if I type in the JP title for a game it doesn’t show up and I have to use the localized name. IF I recall correctly.

What I need that sites like backloggery don't provide:
Japanese release-centric catalog
list fully populated by default
just go through and check boxes for each game in the library
.... so probably too much to ask for since I'm basically describing the way I organize my own ROMs which is a very fuzzy logic.
Like I feel like I'd rather make my own spreadsheet if I were to do it?

In a sense, because of the way I organize my roms library for each console in folders according to year of release, the library itself becomes a kind of tracking system.

I spend hours and hours organizing ROMs. At least once I've done that I can play them. Making a list on backlogged is like doubling that work.

I also do have some handwritten backlogs for everyone console in my notebook to keep track of what I'm in the middle of / intend to play next.

Please don't take any of this the wrong way, it's just my personal experience and viewpoint. Uhh I'm open to suggestions.

Maybe it would be better to have my thoughts written in one place like backlogged instead of just posting here in the middle of a ten thousand post long thread.

I mostly use Backloggd in conjunction with tracking stuff in my techo. All a matter of finding what works for you!

Feel free to add me at if you like! I like checking in to see what people have been playing so I'll add you back too.


@“treefroggy”#p85811 always hit a wall with backloggery,

Backloggery was so much manual entry that it put me off going back to it.

An issue with Backloggd is that yeah, it's English centric as its game list pulls from IGDB. Users can add things to IGDB but it can take some time and sometimes things get removed for arbitrary reasons.

i do like how backloggd has romhacks on it

I‘ve been on Backloggery for years and feel like it’s too much work to re-add my collection somewhere else.

If anyone wants to add me there, here's my page:

Do any of these have japan-exclusive (or other region exclusive) games in them? I‘ve avoided using any of them because generally they stick to one region only, which winds up feeling like I’m wasting my time, since about half (or more?) of my collection is non-US.

@“exodus”#p85870 the Japanese-exclusive games I‘ve fed to backloggd seem to have about a 90% success rate from what I’ve tried, including the super quiet ones on PC Engine/MSX/etc. that are sometimes recommended and referred to here on the forums. Though as you suspect, it doesn't seem to accommodate other regions very well at all, like Chinese or Korean games.

sounds like my backloggery rejection has been validated thrice over.

I don't wanna manually enter every single game, give me a full list and let me hit the check boxes!

and the us-centric listings make it impossible for me anyways!

@“treefroggy”#p85889 I‘m hoping for something that I can check a load of boxes for too, certainly if I was going to migrate from How Long To Beat. It took me ages to enter everything and it’s one of the reasons why I don‘t regularly update it. The other being that my Saturn and Dreamcast collections are near 100% Japanese versions or exclusives in addition to a roughly 50/50 split between Japanese releases and European ones for PS1, PS2, N64, GameCube and SNES/Super Famicom. I don’t want to be missing a ton of stuff.