Gameboy delve

Have been doing weekly Game Boy multiplayer sessions with a friend of mine from work. Always amazes me to see an Analogue Pocket running a game via OpenFPGA linking up with an original (well, screen modded) Game Boy Pocket and having it all just work. Even with games across different regions like the copies of Star Stacker we’re playing just work.


This is cool

Not in production, but you can fill out a form if you’re interested.


I have a similar thing going with a friend at work. We were playing GBA quite a bit, but now we’re on a bit of a GB kick.

Which link-cable titles are you playing? Any recommendations?

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@mindleftbody and l enjoy Twin Bee GB


Tried a few games like F1 Race, Kirby’s Block Ball, and Tetris. Definitely found the puzzle games worked best for the quick tea break sessions.

Attempted to get Micro Machines V2 working, but for whatever reason we couldn’t work out how to initiate the multiplayer portion.


I’m shooting some videos of GBP and GBC.

Like crt, looks better in person. This is best I can do with my phone cam heh… Had to do a lot of color correction. Also camera picks up tons of dirt that I can’t see normally.


Fantastic and exactly how these should look.

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Do you know of any good replacement/fix for a pocket screen with hardcore ghosting and/or vertical bleed? It seems like a result of just aging, and cannibalizing seems seems like a less than ideal solution.

the softness around the edges is the film I think. Ghosting was always there. nnot sure what you mean by verticle bleed.

I’m referring to this: (2:31 if timestamp fails)

In my experience the degree of ghosting has varied across devices, so was just wondering if there was any physical mechanism known to link to it. Same for the vertical bleed. The vertical one feels like its gotta be a signal transmission issue rather than just physical limitation of the liquid crystal.

Ha I guess those vertical bleeds are normal. I was wondering about that. Those GB screens shot on pro camera look sooooo gooooddd!! :laughing:

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