When looking at the Wii thread I naturally got to thinking about the GameCube. I‘ve never owned one, but I’m looking to dip my toe in the library thanks to Nintendont.

When the GC was new, I made the right choice and got a PS2. My friend across the street had a Cube so I had a taste of it. He also had a Dreamcast before that and it gave off similar vibes, and not just because of those Sega titles.

Interested in hearing other people's thoughts on the system and if there's anything we might have overlooked.

Gamecube is awesome. You looking for obscure games? HOMELAND and GIFTPIA

I like that this thread is just called Gamecube

The Gamecube was fineeeeee. But Nintendo felt the most off their game there that I can think of.

Still there are some highlights in the hidden gem exclusives. So don't overlook:
Doshin the Giant, 1080 Avalance, Billy Hatcher, LoZ 4 Swords Adventure

If you want to stick to the staples:
Metroid Prime and Pikmin are really a cut above the rest

Last, F-Zero GX is as good as it looks, but deeply difficult in a way that its not a blanket recommend

i love gamecube. it was the first console i ever owned, so it has a lot of nostalgia for me and i am not objective, but even beyond that i think it feels really unique. where the wii version of weird had a sense of melancholia, the gamecube weird was very candy-coated and optimistic; it's like a cartoon version of a game console materialized in the real world.

particular faves for me are chibi-robo and baten kaitos... which only has its iconically terrible english dub in the gamecube version, so the switch port will never be as good to me.


@“hellomrkearns”#p119185 similar vibes

GC and DC are definitely on the same wavelength. Cute little things with weirdo controllers. Although GC's GPU is kind of beefy it still had its limitations that kept it from becoming just a destination for multiplat ports. I played *Killer7* on this thing, I played the Primes (don't you dare skip *Echoes*). *Cubivore* is even weirder than it looks. I don't know how *Ribbit King* feels on PS2 but it's wonderful here. *GIFTPIA* looks amazing, I would love to dig into that one more.

Some games I've never played but look intriguing in different ways:

  • - Geist, which sounds like a Ghost Trick FPS
  • - There's a T-rated cel-shaded furry skating game called ***Go! Go! Hypergrind*****\***
  • - Hitmaker action-adventure ***Amazing Island*** looks cute!
  • **\***I am adding a warning to *Go! Go! Hypergrind* that renowned pedophile **[color=orangered]John Kricfalusi[/color]** was executive producer on the title.

    A lot of great gamecube games are Dreamcast games, N64/DD games, etc.

    There's a lot of games that are “truly gamecube games” though

    Smash Bros. Melee / Dairantou DX is, imo, Nintendo's peak, for many reasons, one of which being it was programmed by Iwata. They were competing graphically with the Xbox and Playstation, so they really gave it their all in a way they haven't done since, imho.

    Nintendo has basically kept creating gamecube games for the past four generations. Wii and Wii U were just iterations of GCN core hardware.

    I have a huge soft spot for the GameCube. Got one on launch day, had tons of fun with it over the years. Love the controller, love those little discs, etc.

    There aren't too many games that aren't available elsewhere, but for a good-time GameCube experience, focusing on stuff that (I think?) is still stranded on the Cube:

  • - @robinhoodie nailed the **F-Zero GX** comment. I love that game, but it is tough.
  • - **Eternal Darkness** is weird and interesting and worth checking out.
  • - **Rogue Squadron** was incredibly gorgeous at the time, and there's not a whole lot that feels like it on consoles.
  • - **Twin Snakes** is the stupidest Metal Gear game, and that's saying a lot.
  • - **Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance** is in the conversation for best-ever FE game, if you have time for those! It's still pure anime nonsense, but a different kind of anime than what they're doing now!
  • The gamecube has arguably the better version of Skies of Aracadia! The sound is not quite as good as on Dreamcast, however the encounter rate is lower and exp gain is higher.

    The last Gamecube game I played was Geist and I was impressed by how much fun I had with it. It‘s a game with some flaws that won’t appeal to everyone but it‘s an interesting game that was trying something unique. An odd exclusive that makes it absolutely worth giving a shot. The thing to know going in is that it’s more about solving puzzles than shooting.

    Gotcha Force is one to check out. From what I can tell, it's rarely talked about but is one of the least-common games on the system. The game revolves around hacking & slashing combat between tiny robots that you collect. It's simple but fun! I've always wanted to try multiplayer but never knew anyone else with an interest in it. The physical game is ridiculously expensive - I'm glad I picked up a copy back in 2011 after reading someone on a forum post about how it seemed to not come up for sale very often and that it could be scarce, even though it wasn't worth much.

    I also love the Gameboy Player, it's how I played most of my GBA games!

    @“robinhoodie”#p119190 Are the only non-emulation options for Doshin Japanese or 50 Hz? I was looking for a copy while I was in London a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t even sure how I would play it.

    @“arp”#p119216 Doshin was only ever released in english in Europe. You can play ISOs on gamecube or Wii hardware, without any emulation. There are 60Hz options for any 50hz game using this method. There may also be fan translations for the various Japanese originals across 64DD and gamecube.

    @"Nemoide"#p119209 Gatcha Force also brings to mind the Custom Robo sequel we got in the US. It's good, both my friend and I beat it back in like 3rd grade.

    I can't overstate the significance of GCN in my life. 2001 was the most exciting year in all of video games history IMHO. Tokyo game shot and e3 2001 were also the crowning glory.

    I got the original Animal Crossing in the 4th grade, on a recommendation from G4's Electric Playground, where tommy talafreako hated the game and Victor recommended it. It changed my life forever. I'll never forget when I started playing in early October, and it was the most mysterious game I'd played in my life.

    Was also a GameCube pusher (didn't get a PS2 and Xbox until I got a job a few years later). Still have my launch console

    and games. Playing Super Monkey Ball on launch night is a great memory.

    Some more honorable mentions not mentioned yet:

  • - **Lost Kingdoms 1 and 2** are pretty great (and unique and short) real time RPG deck building games.
  • - **Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2** are the best versions of the games on the GCN
  • - Ditto for **Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2**, **Killer 7**, and **Resident Evil 4** (play it on a CRT)
  • - Eh, go ahead and play **P.N.03** too. It's short and weird proto RE4 and God Hand
  • - I'll add **Resident Evil Remake, 2, 3, and Code Veronica**. **0** is OK. (big appeal of the GCN was all the Resident Evil games were on it at the time and the ports are excellent)
  • - **Kirby's Air Ride** is Sakurai fun and full of secrets and has high replay value
  • - **Mario Tennis and Golf** are best on the GCN
  • - **Luigi's Mansion** is great
  • - **Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee** was the best Godzilla game at the time
  • - **Tales of Symphonia** (60fps)
  • - **Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO** has a unique feel on the GCN with the clicky L and R buttons. The travel dictates the strength of the attacks, so a click is a fierce hit. The specials are mapped to the c-stick and you move with the control stick. Fun and different way to play a game with a huge roster and try everyone out.
  • - **Wave Race Blue Storm** doesn't topple 64 but it's still worth playing
  • - **Star Fox Adventures** is pretty good for a short Zelda clone
  • - **Beyond Good and Evil** just feels right to play on a GCN
  • - **Mario Sunshine** is for freaks that got all 120 stars in 64 (I love it)
  • - **Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle**s is worth playing if you're a freak with 4 GBAs and link cables
  • - **Cubivore** is cool
  • - **WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Games!** is the GBA game but for local buddies
  • - **Custom Robo** is like a zoomed out Virtual On
  • - and of course **Smash Melee** since you can't play it on anything else
  • Will reiterate on Rogue Squadron, Metroid Prime, Pikmin, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Fire Emblem, Skies of Arcadia, Geist, Eternal Darkness, Chibi Robo, Baiten Kaitos, and F-Zero GX.

    It's also a good system to play ports on since the disc images are small and the system was faster than a PS2. (Just don't play the inferior versions of EA games like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and the SSX, NBA Street games there)

    @“arp”#p119216 Doshin doesn't have a 60hz toggle. Maddening! But Swiss does


    GC Loader and Nintendon't should also do the job on Wii

    Reminded of an anecdote I've shared on this forum before, where my adopted parents opened the trunk of the car to show me my xmas/birthday presents early for some reason? and it was a Microsoft Xbox, and I was offended, told them to return it and buy a gamecube. lol.

    The first time I ever got really stoned my friend was like alright I gotta go to work now, here play some videogames and put on some kind of GameCube FIFA game. He left me alone at his house with his mom there and I pretended to play and comprehend what was happening with the video game until he got back. I think that may be the only time I have played an actual GameCube lol!

    Always loved that the GameCube version of Twilight Princess is a flipped version of the Wii game, that blew my mind as a kid.

    Seconding Chibi Robo, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing.

    Like the N64, the GameCube is a favorite system of mine. The console library is not nearly as deep as, say, the PS2, but there's some great games in there, especially if you have friends to play with. Growing up, the PS2 was my machine for single player experience s. I used it for RPGs, etc., but when friends came over, it was all about the GameCube.

    As I said about the library being not the biggest, I don't have too much to recommend that other people haven't touched on, but I'll second pretty much everything here, especially F-Zero GX, Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Twin Snakes, and, uh, yeah just everything everybody said.

    A few more/ones I want to put my own spin on

  • - Super Mario Strikers is a hot dumpster of a game but it‘s fun as heck. A sloppy soccer game where you can full on check people into the walls? I’m in! Very fun with friends.

    -Super Smash Bros. Melee is at least four different games. Even if you have no interest in it as a “serious” fighting game or as a party game (though, yes, it rules as both), it has a ton of single player stuff to do and the trophies make it a nice little Namco Museum -esque quirky history of Nintendo.
  • - If you like fighting games, Bloody Roar Primal Fury is actually pretty cool. Also: Soul Calibur 2. Also: Dream Mix TV World Fighters is basically a junky budget Smash Bros with Hudson, Konami, and Takara characters, but I like it.
    -Mario Kart Double Dash might the best in the series and is great with friends.
    -Mario Party 4 is, along with Mario Strikers, some of the most fun I've ever had with a bad game. I can't even fathom playing this alone, but with friends it alchemizes into gold.
    -Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
    -Wind Waker looks great and even if the dungeons and bosses are far, far from the series' best, exploring the seas had a mysterious quality to it I don't get from many games. It genuinely felt like I was exploring uncharted territory and some of the sea monsters were terrifying.
    -Killer 7 is one of the most interesting games ever as far as narrative and aesthetics.
  • - Recent show non-favorite Ikaruga is on GameCube and (sorry, haters) I had a lot of fun with it. Yes, most of the game is so hard that it kind of requires a prescriptive style of play, almost more like a rhythm game. But that can be fun too. It felt like learning to play a difficult but beautiful piece on the piano. If you don't want to get into all that, just play the first level. It's great and already works the game's main gimmick in cool ways, and anybody who likes shmups even a little bit can handle it.
    -Odama. Ive barely played it, but was weird, fun, and interesting.
  • Overall, I'm glad to see all the GameCube love in this forum!

    Try the 3-:heart: challenge on one of those Zeldas.

    *Soul Calibur II* lets you play as Link, as opposed to Heihachi or Spawn


    Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII was originally intended to fill Heihachi's spot on the PlayStation 2 version, but the licensing deal fell through at the last moment.


    *Mario Sunshine* is **good**, actually!! Another maligned Nintendo game from the era I will go to bat for. The FLUDD controls felt so intuitive to me as a teen, now I have to admit I don't know what kind of a freak I must have been to have found it so natural back then. It's still my kind of trash!

    I've only been able to get Doshin running in Nintendont, on both a hacked Wii and my Wii U's vWii. My flat panel went into 50Hz mode and everything ran fine. I should give the 60Hz toggle in Swiss a try.

    You all heard that ACe+ title music?

    GCN also has kind of a ton of baseball games. Maybe someone else can expand on that lol.


    @“treefroggy”#p119197 Nintendo has basically kept creating gamecube games for the past four generations. Wii and Wii U were just iterations of GCN core hardware.

    It's true, they just kept iterating on a PowerPC 750 (aka [G3]( for three gens, starting with Gekko. Flipper was designed by ArtX who got acquired by ATi, who would then design the Wii's Hollywood GPU before being acquired by AMD, who would finally design the Wii U's Latte. I think I still have the SpaceWorld Dolphin reveal infolet NP was including with one of their 2000 issues.

    The GameCube was the first console I bought when I had a wage from a full time job. I got my first pay and marched into town to get a black Cube and REMake. Over time I traded in my black Cube for a purple machine (because that was a better colour) in the Donkey Konga set.

    Happy memories of REMake, RE0, importing the demo for RE4 and then getting RE4. Really enjoyed Gotcha Force, Killer7, Pikmin 2 and struggling with Viewtiful Joe. I haven't played Metroid Prime yet but I do own it.

    I still have my purple machine but as a treat to myself for completing a project in 2020 I got a region free orange machine. That died this year so I got a new one and switched it from a Carby HDMI adapter to component cable so it can go through my retrotink.

    I don't play GameCube very much compared to my other machines. I have a few games I want to get like Doshin and Wario Land but it doesn't seem like a treasure trove of bangers to go back to if you played it a bunch at the time.

    I did recently get a MemCard Pro for it since Cube games can eat up memory.