Games hidden on movie discs

This was probably common knowledge at the time, but I didn't realize (or had forgotten) until I looked at the disc today that the blu ray of District 9 came with a playable ps3 God of War III demo on it.

What other movies are hiding games inside their physical releases? I'm going to make the executive decision to include Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day, which was a part of the "short piece" animation collection in Japan, then released in Europe and Japan as a ps3 game with animated shorts in it (in the all territories the shorts were also released without the game, and in the US that's the only version, which is why I'm kinda counting it).

There were a lot of interactive quizzes and stuff on DVDs at the time, and I'm cool with including those, but when it comes to DVDs let's especially focus on the weird adventure games and such that you sometimes see.


You can find the opposite on the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PS2 and Xbox. I was actually just looking at the box for mine yesterday. It's got a bowdlerized version of the Street Fighter 2 anime on there!

Wall-E. You can play 4 different games

@“connrrr”#p155828 Ooh! This reminds me of “The Darkness” for the PS3 (maybe X-Box). When you sit down with your girlfriend to watch tv, you can watch an entire movie. I think it‘s To Kill a Mockingbird, but I don’t really remember.

@“bwood”#p155834 whoa, I didn't know about this. From the wiki page:


Also included is the film The Man with the Golden Arm, a full episode of Flash Gordon,^</s>[3</s>] the film The Street Fighter with Sonny Chiba, and cartoon shorts of Popeye and Gabby.

@“connrrr”#p155835 I didn't know this. Is this game available via Playstation + or Xbox Live? If so, I wonder if those movies/shows are still accessible.

Back to the original question, the Total Recall remake came with a demo of God of War: Ascension.

I'm clearly procrastinating right now.

Check out Will Smith Wild Wild West DVD. You can play The Steel Assassin interactive game on your DVD-Rom PC.

I also just found out dot hack the movie has a whole fighting game on it .hack//The Movie - Wikipedia

And here's giant bomb's page about the concept of games on movie discs. I guess these would be the big western ones. I reckon there had to be PSP demos on a bunch of UMD movies as well, no?

Kind of seems like this concept died with the PS3, I don't think anyone has done this for PS4? Maybe because blu-rays are still such a niche, and at the time they were trying to push adoption of blu-ray over dvd. They've likely given up that fight at this point since blu-rays have never outsold dvds at any point in their nearly 20 years of existence.

And indeed, here we are: the UMD release of the movie Stealth, which I never saw, has a demo of wipeout pure on it which has an exclusive track and ship (based on the plane in the movie I guess):

Bad news: @“bwood”#p155834 beat me to mentioning To Kill a Mockingbird in The Darkness.

Good news: I can still mention that small handful of demo discs from PSW UK that contained *Tetsuo: The Iron Man* because the company in charge of putting together said discs accidentally left the movie in from their previous project.

@“Video Game King”#p155847 Along those lines (sort of) - the PS3 version of Stranglehold also has the movie Hard Boiled on the disc.

Whole lotta demos for Xbox on old DVD's!!!

Ridiculous fun thread idea. I thumbed thru some of my movies and made a list. Just what I read off the back of the cases, I will need to investigate some of these further to see what they are.

The Abyss- 3 dvd-rom games (?)
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery-Sample of Austin Powers Trivia PC game, Austin Powers and Dr. Evil Web Browsers and screen savers.
Blade 2-Blade 2 Video Game survival guide.
Buckaroo Banzai- enhanced NUON features (!??? had to list this since its gaming hardware and who knows?)
Diehard-the box lists "Game Demos" (?)
Hulk (2003)-Play an entire level of Hulk Xbox game.
Independence Day-DVD-rom game "Get off My Planet"
Jackie Brown-Trivia game
A knights Tale- a knights tale 3D screensaver
Rush Hour-"Say What" an original interactive game"
Shrek-"over 15! games including "Shrek Pinball, Rescue the princess, and Soup Slam" (seems like there could me more kids DVDs like this.)
The Mummy- Mummy PC demo
The Mummy Returns- Mummy PC game demo and screen savers
Terminator 2-Infiltration Simulator and Skynet combat Chassis Designer
Total Recall- Rekalls Vacation (?)

I've got to admit I'm curious to check some of this out lol.


There was a weird Myst-esque narrative adventure on the DVD for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as I recall. I don't know if it was that much fun but me and my friends sat around trying to catch the golden snitch and stuff for an hour. You would explore the different locations from the movie and find hidden secrets and stuff.


I‘m sure y’all know about PS3 Strangehold having the high-def version of the movie Hard Boiled as a bonus in the collector‘s edition for it, but I only realized recently that while the regular game-only edition is on a single blu ray, the collector’s edition is ALSO a single blu ray disc containing the game AND the movie. It was not a second movie disc that they just put in the case alongside a regular print of the game.

A similar thing happened with Days Of Thunder and Top Gun, both getting PS3 adaptations that also had a full high-def print of each in a single blu ray disc. It's just like what Otacon says:

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Vincent Diesel sure loves them damn videogames.


Great thread idea!

The DVD for Gone in 60 Seconds has a .swf Flash game on it. I uploaded it to the Internet Archive so you can play it. It's bad.


i just want to salute the good people of insert credit for having already listed every single example i could conjure to memory (which is, admittedly more than it probably should be) before i even saw this thread. and a whole bunch more! gosh damn it i love this place.


The Home Movies season 2 DVDs had a choose your own adventure style game.


Buckaroo Banzai NUON is a zooming mini game iirc. It’s a more interactive dvd menu than usual, rather than a real game.

I have a Euro-spec Samsung N504 (in storage tho).