games that'd be fun to start pretending to like

i want to start pretending to be super into that 2014 Godzilla movie tie-in for the ps4 for some reason. even though I know nothing about that game

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rocket robot on wheels

pinobee on gba

@“rootfifthoctave”#p81520 Pinobee seems very Insert Credit. You can make your head bigger with a button press

@“穴”#p81512 My friend owns that game but doesn‘t own a PS4. So I think he’s one step ahead of you.

Fake it til you make it?




I don’t have to pretend to enjoy this one lol

I'm too authentic with my likes / dislikes to fake it
Do I pretend to like Circus Charlie, or does thinking something is funny count as enjoyment

You know what? I'll say it.

I _do_ like Circus Charlie.

~~The context that prompted this has been removed, but I stand by it anyways. ~~

you just know there is some guy, working some IT job at some office here in britain, who never got over an obsession with the nigh-forgotten rare/ultimate characters like sabre wulf.

I got a few examples into this post before I realized all my examples were 16-bit RPGs with middling music. To whit:

  • - The primeval beats of Phantasy Star III.
  • - [The "so standard, so earnest it borders on the comically absurd" music of *Secret of the Stars*](
  • - [The low farts of *Paladin's Quest*](
  • I‘ve had it on my pc since 2008, but have played it no longer than five minutes. I’m a Vantage Master Poseur[upl-image-preview url=]

    @“TracyDMcGrath”#244 sorry I was on mobile and having trouble lol, unexpected. it's back & better

    I got reasonably far in Magical Vacation, maybe 6-12 hours. and I like to think about Magical Vacation. But the story (translation?) is incomprehensible, the battle system isn't very fluid, and the music ranges from very bad to good. Maybe one day I'll finish it... Seems like a Wonderswan game pretending to be a GBA game.
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    @“Video_Game_King”#p81537 were 16-bit RPGs with middling music.

    16-bit rpgs are a good example, because even the ones that are so unfun to play can be extremely aesthetically and phonically appealing. I guess that's true for all games, but there are a lot of RPGs with some great concepts that you just want to pretend you like. Which brings me to
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    Beyond the Beyond

    I could go a lot of ways with this, but for now I‘ll say that as a pro wrestling fan, I’ve always wanted to like the Fire Pro Wrestling series but somehow I cant ever “get” it. I always just end up getting frustrating and going back to the comfort food of Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 and WWF No Mercy. But I'd be a way cooler person if I was going around telling people “yeah but Fire Pro is so much better.”

    EVE Online. At a certain age it felt like the coolest thing on the internet but actually playing that game for a meaningful period of time? No way.


    @“treefroggy”#p81539 16-bit rpgs are a good example, because even the ones that are so unfun to play can be extremely aesthetically and phonically appealing.

    _Star Ocean_ is one of the finest names for anything. It's such a great evocative metaphor and it's only two words long, and I've never played it and from the reviews, I really shouldn't bother. Kinda feel similarly about _Phantasy Star (IV)_ but I've actually played that a bit.

    I think it'd be amusing if we all agreed on starting the whole “you know, that game was actually really good” shtick with Too Human, as an insert credit inside joke.

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    Although I can accept it if you come up with an equally good "most 360est game ever". Protag must be generic bald dude though, that's non negotiable (in Too Human you can pick between 5 generic bald dude types to play as).

    @“rearnakedwindow”#p81580 same. Though I‘m not a superfan of pro wrestling, I’ve done my research. and I want to like fire pro for many reasons. notwithstanding the Suda51 connection.

    this thread is entrapment

    I'm fraudulent

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    @“antillese”#p81585 whoa now… not sure why no one has responded to you yet, but you should know that the first two Star Ocean games are fantastic. Star Ocean: The Second Story is one of the greatest JRPG’s of all time IMO. It has a ton of replay value too. I think I’ve spent more time playing that game than probably any other individual JRPG game.

    I highly recommend anyone and everyone who likes JRPG’s to play Star Ocean: The Second Story (or Second Evolution). It’s a very good game with incredible depth. It has a lot to offer: simple but enjoyable real-time combat, good characters and optional party members, event-based relationships/romance mechanics that are fun/interesting, crafting, pickpocketing, a fighting arena, cooking competition, side quests, a late game secret dungeon, and a great story with many unique post-game endings that depend on character relationships, etc. The only bad thing I can say about it is that there is RNG that affects certain mechanics, so you may have to save scum to get some items/weapons, but it never hassled me too much (GameFaq’s crafting guides help). There will also be some grinding, but I always enjoyed the gameplay enough for that not to bother me. The remake of the game “Second Evolution” only released on PSP outside of Japan, so if you don’t have one of those, then you’d have to get an original PS1 copy or emulate it. Not enough people have played this game, but it’s truly a gem.

    If for some reason you can’t easily play The Second Story, then I would recommend trying out The First Departure, which is available on the PlayStation store. It’s much shorter than the 2nd game, and I don’t think the story is as good, but it’s pretty fun and has a lot of the same mechanics since that version of the first game was a remake using an updated engine from the the 2nd game.

    I honestly don’t care for the franchise at all after the 2nd game. I did play and beat Till the End of Time and Last Hope. I personally wouldn’t recommend either, but I know that plenty of people did like Till the End of Time. I’m curious to see what their new game will be like, but I don’t have high expectations at this point.

    @“Danimal”#p84889 thank you for reminding me about Star Ocean: Second Story. it‘s been on my list for years, but i’ve never gotten around to it. i love the aesthetics of it, and everything you've described here sounds like a lot of fun.

    i wish there were more sci-fi flavoured jrpgs!

    I think it'd be funny to insist one of the big “Halo killer” flops like Haze actually was the genre defining masterpiece that game magazines were hyping it up to be.