Games we think Brandon would like but haven't played ourselves


This is the new game by the developers of Daemon x Machina (I cried). I see no one tweet about it except XSEED the publisher.

I think Brandon would like it because it's a very Japanese dev trying to take on a western genre (Diablo-esque?? zombie survival with crafting and base building??) and it has zany gimmicks but also it looks really generic and I feel like Brandon is the only person who could find gold in this game that no one wanted or asked for

Anyway, this is what I was thinking as I've been following this game's progress while no one has said anything about it ever. Tell me how right or wrong I am

Chinatown Detective Agency is a cyberpunk point and click adventure that requires real world research in order to solve certain clues. It has great pixel art and a really cool interface. Apparently the game has a money system in which you try to stay ahead of bankruptcy though I don’t know if that’s an inherent failure state or not. I bet it has a good soundtrack as well.

I tried the Deadcraft demo based on its pedigree – my own croozing of the eShop is the first and last that I heard of it before this thread – & I found it remarkably boring. I usually think stuff Marvelous is involved with is at least interesting & I finished Daemon x Machina, but nothing motivated me to reach the end of the demo on this one

(did I break the thread rule? I just don't know where else I'd mention this game & am kinda curious if anyone else got something from it)

@“tokucowboy”#p74447 I think it’s fine, I secretly wanted to talk about the game without breaking the streak of having no one talk about it online lol

Glad to hear it’s as underwhelming as I was expecting (cry for daemon x machina)

I'll try both of these!!

I have not played Demonschool but I am pretty sure Brandon would like it.

… We are talking about [this Brandon]( right?

@“chazumaru”#p75094 gotta get bizarro Brandon on the show