Games where you can sit in chairs


(It's called Driver, not Walker.)…(Neither is it called, Sitter)

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Though there’s not really any specific chairs… I keep thinking of World of Warcraft when I see this thread.

when that game was contemporary I would /sit in all sorts of cool and unique places. Especially if you had a little party goin and you’d all sit and then take a screenshot, etc.

I remember /sitting under the big tall trees of Teldrassil at night before I would log off etc.

WoW has some great sitting.

An interesting counter-example is Ultima 8. U7 had the whole smorgasbord of open world things to do. Pick wheat, mill it to flour, bake bread with that flour. Also, sit in any chair in the world.

U8 removed most of these interactions, including the ability to sit. If I recall correctly this transitively removed the ability to stand, if seated! I believe there were NPCs that could be in either a standing or sitting state, but the player could never witness them changing from one to the other.

thanks to this thread I’ve started testing chair sitability in games. Disappointed so far. Should be more sitting

Just found this chair in **Jedi: Fallen Order**. Disappointed to report that you CANNOT sit in it. ❌

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is speckled with benches throughout where your two brothers can sit and lookout on the world at a fixed angle. Good hang out vibes, and sometimes gives you a view of an area you just moved through that re-contextualizes it in your head + acts as sort of denouement to that part of your journey. Sometimes you get a view of a part of the word you‘ll never go to that’s just nice to look at. Turns out sometimes you don't have to go to the mountain!

Since you control the brothers independently, you can make a bunch of tiny roleplaying decisions about how you want each of them to act. The benches are a great example of this! When I was playing, I tried to be very intentional about which brother would initiate sitting on the bench, when/if the other would join, how long they would stay and who would stand up first.

Game: **Paper Mario: The Origami King**
Chair status: **sittable**


@billy#14008 Jedi: Fallen Order. Disappointed to report that you CANNOT sit in it.

bull shit!


@billy#14077 Paper Mario: The Origami King

> Chair status: sittable


@yeso#14079 The importance of this research is borne out by the fact that I‘ve immediately stumbled upon chairs in the last two games I’ve played. Have they been right in front of my eyes this whole time??

no joke this thread has rewired my brain wrt videogame chairs. Nothing will ever be the same. What's with all the jumping in games? Sitting is much more relatable

there should be a game just about big fellas cooling their jets for a minute or two

@yeso#14085 I like driving games, they're almost 100% sitting.

more of a technicality regarding body posture state than “sitting” in a spiritual sense I would argue….

@yeso#14088 Where I come from, if your bum‘s on a seat, you’re sitting.

and really, that‘s what it’s all about. Different cultures coming together to form one colorful quilt we call: humanity

aalthough I think that say for example, if someone‘s body is contorted into a sitting-resembling position in a dentists chair getting a root canal, that’s not really “sitting”

You can sit on cyber fishing chair in Nier Automata.

In Spiritfarer there are chairs all over that you can sit in and just chill. One chair serves a purpose: you can fish while sitting in it.