Games where you can sit in chairs

It occurred to me while reading the hang out game thread that a fair number of different titles have chairs which you can sit in which serve no mechanical function. This happens across a diverse collection of genres, too. I can think of at least two different Metroidvanias with chairs you can sit in (Symphony of the Night most famously, and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night likely as a callback). Some JRPGs let you sit in chairs. Some open world action adventure games let you sit in chairs.

What games have you played that let you sit in chairs, even though it probably didn't do anything?

(P.S. Bloodstained even expects you to sit in the chairs to the point where an intentional chair sitting fake out is placed by the waterfall )

there‘s a lot of sitting down to converse in cyberpunk 2077. It seems like a way to frame first-person perspective conversations kind of like how elder scrolls/fallout will zoom and lock onto the face of whomever you’re talking to. But cyberpunk gives you a button prompt to sit which makes conversations seem more deliberate and intentional. Kind of a nice effect really but eccentric. Happens probably dozens of times during the game

You can sit in a chair in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

in dragon quest builders 2 you can sit in a chair. you just sit there and then push A again to stand back up. the same can be done on toilets

in hades when you approach a chair you're given a prompt to sit but your dude always says stuff like "no i'd probably never wanna get back up"

The culmination of Dark Souls 2 is getting to sit in a chair


_You are now watching the throne / don't let me get in my zone_

I would like to propose this song as the theme song for this thread:

One of my favorites

Animal Crossing is the ultimate chair series. Interacting with furniture, and chairs specifically, is one of the core parts of the experience.

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    Pre-New Horizons the games started with you first person sitting and Rover sitting across from you

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    You collect all kinds of different chairs to sit in. You can even make a house entirely full of chairs. It’s chair heaven baby.

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    Chairs aren’t only for the player. Your scary animal neighbors also worship chairs.

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    One of the longtime NPCs, Sable, is so committed to chairs that she never stops sitting.

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    Tom Nook and Isabelle also love planting ass in some chairs

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    New Horizons lets you place chairs almost anywhere outside, completely revolutionizing the possibilities of never not being near a chair to sit in.

  • This is really quite illustrative of what kind of game it is but in FFXIV, not only can you sit in a wide variety of chairs, you can also change between 3 different sitting positions

    I shared this in another thread already but I think the chair sitting was my favorite part of bloodstained.

    I've remembered that sitting on a bench is how you save in Hollow Knight. “Sit on a bench” is a much more common way of saving than I realized!

    Pokémon XY

    Is a loveseat REALLY a chair though...


    @TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee#13800 sitting on a bench is how you save

    Same with ICO. This was a part of the game that bothered me, actually. Is it a.. stone couch? Or a normal upholstered sofa sitting outside in the elements? Eww.


    @bodydouble#13830 it's a stone, Luigi

    In Linda 3 there‘s a bench swing outside your house you can sit in. Depending on who you sit with and which scenario you’re playing they say different things.

    A Monster's Expedition also has chairs you can sit in at a few points.

    in Driver 2 you can step out of the vehicle and walk around, though it serves little purpose (it‘s called Driver not Walker). there are coffee shop terraces all over the place, and if you walk up to the chairs there and press triangle, you can sit down. this isn’t explained anywhere, and does nothing, it's just chill. there is no record of it that i can find online.