Games which are fun/funny to remember occasionally for whatever reason

Remember Star Citizen?

Remember _Duke Nukem Forever?_

Remember _Matrix Online?_

Post games that you don't think about often but when you think about them, you go, like, "wow, I remember that game, I am now thinking about it"

Remember Sonic Riders?

And subsequently, remember Sonic Free Riders for the Kinect?

Remember The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road AKA RIZ-ZOAWD, the DS RPG adaptation of this classic story controlled using a virtual trackball on the touchscreen?? I have to remind myself I didn’t make this game up every couple of years. Maybe some day I’ll even play it!


Remember Sonic Riders

yes every day

Most days I'm remembering the Spy Kids 3D Game Over game they had on McDonald's dot com which was somehow longer, offered more varied gameplay modes, and was more customizeable than the official tie-in SK3DGO game released for Windows.

Speaking of the Insert Credit Podcast, remember The Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock?

There is some excellently non-encyclopedic and strangely specific writing on its [Wikipedia entry.](

hey, remember the Wu-Tang PS1 game?

What about Metal Arms: Glitch in the System?

My favorite is Chorvs… the clunky stylization of “chorus” would make the VVitch blush.

Remember City of Heroes and Solid Sharkey's blogging his exploits in the game?

rocket robot on wheels?

I like to think about the Famicom game, Bird Week. Just the other day, the birds were really going at it outside my window in the morning, & I thought, “dang, what's goin on out there, must be Bird Week again this week”

@“tokucowboy”#p72905 we get a lot noisy gulls and pigeons on our roof. it's bird week every week, baby!


@“rootfifthoctave”#p72895 rocket robot on wheels?

Rocket Robot on Wheels has HUGE "games which are fun/funny to remember occasionally for whatever reason" energy

N64 might have a lot of games which are fun/funny to remember occasionally for whatever reason


@“Gaagaagiins”#p73056 N64 might have a lot of games which are fun/funny to remember occasionally for whatever reason

_Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage_

@“kory”#p72667 I’m convinced that this is my favorite game ever. No I have not played it, I will likely never play it, and I can’t even picture it all too clearly, but I will always cherish my one memory of watching a trailer and thinking “huh, that looks pretty neat!”


@“whatsarobot”#p72811 remember the Wu-Tang PS1 game?

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Yeah, I remember Thrill Kill.

My brain is broken and I‘m a total weirdo, so I think about somewhat obscure games all the time. Usually bad 16 bit era fighting games or platformers. Like, I’ll randomly think about Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls way more than a well adjusted person should. It‘s not a good game, I’ve only played it a couple times in the past 20 years, but I can name all the characters, stupid details like the character biographies, and the voice clip of the announcer saying “Bones” is imprinted into my brain. At any moment it might pop into my mind.

When I'm on my death bed as I pass from this mortal coil I am pretty sure my final thought won't be my life regrets or happiest memories, but it'll be me thinking "remember how the Jaguar version of Double Dragon V was actually worse than the Super Nintendo version? Weird...."

@“tokucowboy”#p72905 Same here but with Circus Charlie

@“treefroggy”#p73129 Maaaaaaan, buncha Circus Charlies out here for sure

Circus Charlie sounds like a hickie that was caused covertly while in a high traffic public place