Games with Fart Mechanics that Effect Gameplay ?

On this week's Retronauts discussing Oddworld, John Linneman said “there needs to be a list of these games [which have fart mechanics that have a direct effect on gameplay]” So here goes

  • - Oddworld
  • - Smash Bros. (_Wario's Fart-Down Special_, as I will call it)
  • - Kato-chan & Ken-chan カトちゃんケンちゃん
  • - Comix Zone
  • I'm just getting the ball rolling here. I don't even know where Comix Zone farts, because I haven't played it yet, they mentioned it on the episode.

    Honorable Mention: Alec's fart in the prologue(?I think) chapter of Mother 3 is iconic and one of the best video game farts of all time due to it's nonchalant comedic timing.

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    The onea that immediately springs to mind is Gon‘s fart attack in Tekken 3 and Gori’s fart attack in Live A Live‘s prehistoric era. Kazooie also poops eggs in Banjo-Kazooie too (it’s definitely pooping because of the fart sound that accompanies it).

    I want to say that there's a bunch of them in fighting games but I can't recall any of them other than Tekken 3. I want to say there's one in Street Fighter IV but I can't picture it.

    If fart attacks count, a bunch of fighting games tick that enviable box. I am pretty sure the OG was Earthquake in :jp:Samurai Spirits / :us:Samurai Shodown.

    Boogerman has a fart attack, I believe when your gas gauge is full (or partially full) you press down and the burp button and you fart.

    Chaos (and Blizzard?) from Primal Rage has a fart attack that never failed to crack me up as a kid.

    I‘m pretty sure Postal 2 has a puke button and, I haven’t played them, but I‘m willing to bet Postal 3 and 4 have a fart button.

    Also, Rikishi’s stinkface in the WWE games.

    thank you, was just about to point out that boogerman has a fart action

    I want to say that one of the characters from the Primal Rage games had a series of fart projectiles. That's just off the top of my head though so it might not be correct.

    Edit: I just saw @"mtvcribs"#p103377 post and they mention them as well.

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    tenya wanya teens has fart stuff

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    @treefroggy Powerful thread idea here.

    There might be more in the Power Instinct series, but the one I know for sure is Power Instinct 5 where old man Kanji has one.

    Look around the 3:20 mark in this video.

    Important topic that I‘m glad we’re now discussing. Here's a couple off the top of my head:

    Primal rage:

    stimpy's invention:


    also I don't think the comix zone fart affects gameplay to my recollection? I think it happens if you hit down 10 times or something like that and it just plays an animation.

    [edit] you have to duck more times than I recalled but it does not affect gameplay indeed.

    Where’s the Playdate’s fart factory game? Why can’t I crank that crane to fart everywhere I go at my heart’s content? What is that console even good for?

    I feel this deserves honorable mention, though it is not expressly a fart.

    @“exodus”#p103480 not a fart nor a pee, but a secret third thing only scottish people know how to do

    Wario‘s ’special' attack in Mario Strikers

    Tattoo Assassins

    Monster Hunter's Congalala has a fart attack that can knock you to the ground, Exhibit A:

    [upl-image-preview url=]


    # [color=red]_**!**_

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    the ape's shit kills you with poison, the farts kill you with terror

    @“rootfifthoctave”#p103593 I read that as “the farts FILL you with terror”.