Games With Little Tiny Graphics

I really like games with big or normal sized things rendered as little tiny sprite graphics.

Like how in Bangai-O you're piloting a huge mech, but it's rendered on screen as this little tiny thing with little tiny missiles blowing up little tiny houses.


Or like Elevator Action Returns where it's small sprite characters on a huge playfield.


I was having trouble finding it, but I know there's an R-Type (maybe another shooter?) game with a launch sequence where it shows little tiny sprite people guiding the ship out of a launch bay.

What are some other games with so tiny smol graphics?

hehe, I always loved this one

Cybernator for SNES and the Lemmings games come to mind.

@milo#24982 The itty-bitty-baby character sprites from the Lost Underworld in Earthbound are a personal favorite


Also, I've always loved the exasperated micro Crono sprite if you leave the game idle on the overworld



That Earthbound example is exactly what I'm talking about!! Love it!

the dudes in cannon fodder are pretty li'l

the difference between each zoom level is beautiful

There‘s also the area in Yume Nikki that’s a Mother 1 parody.

I love tiny graphics too!

I got a surprising amount of enjoyment from Picomin just now!

Risk of Rain. The player is the little orange dude and other enemies generally follow that scale (please ignore giant worm)


Aw yes! I love risk of rain! Great example.

A few more tiny friends:

The little mecha who appears on the SFII Turbo title screen:

Sonic CD mini Sonic (also Rad Mobile Sonic, speaking of tiny dudes)


Leaving your vehicle in Blaster Master


Minish Link!



Robotron 2084


That little tiny Sonic is just perfect!! I forgot all bout that guy.

And your Blaster Master example makes me think of a sort of spin-off idea of this thread that I thought of while making this one: Games where your little tiny guy can leave the little tiny vehicle.

Like Gato Roboto:

And when I was a kid I played this arcade game called Speed Rumbler where you could get in and out of your car at will and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

@milo#25124 Yes! I love that little pseudo subgenre–Retro City Rampage also comes to mind, and I guess those original top down GTAs?

These dudes are the only thing I remember from Datastorm on the Amiga

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