Games you think you're pretty darn good at

@“穴”#p85647 Holy crap!



(i feel like this post was superfluous; sorry!)

This is cool! Web games are a big unknown to me so it's nice to hear about the ones worth playing, let alone ones that spur on a years long friendly rivalry.

@"edward"#p85651 I never got the chance to do much Goldeneye MP but one of my first big gaming accomplishments was getting all the cheats unlocked in the game, which effectively makes you a Jr speedrunner. Getting that invincibility cheat was tough but fun at 13 years old (in 1999 no less):
I do like playing solo Halo on Heroic, but I would love to play coop on Legendary someday to really get a test of the AI without too much frustration.

@"hellomrkearns"#p85701 I really need to check this out. I've been using a 360 Rock Band usb guitar and playing Clone Hero on the PC, but I've been looking for an alternative. Some of the fan made songs are ok but nothing beats the original songs and patterns. I still have the original games and hardware, but the PC sure is convenient to jump from "Soothsayer" to "Bark at the Moon" in the same game.

@"Gaagaagiins"#p85656 @"beets"#p85706 Same here with Mario Kart and Smash. At parties I would usually win a couple then just dink around and let the other people have fun. Online is too flaky for me to enjoy since I can only play with random people (my "friends" list is less than 5 people on all platforms - lol). A few friends in high school were my only serious competition in Melee and Double Dash, so I pretty much just stick with the solo challenges in the subsequent games.

Also, I got halfway though GOD HAND on hard with plans to go back but never did, and that was shortly after it came out. Been thinking about getting back into it though and playing with just the base moves as per Tim's recommendation...

I can beat Cadash for the tg-16 in like 35 minutes, which isn't really very hard but I put in the effort to do it.

I used to 100% Super Metroid in under 2 hours a lot.

I used to be really good at I Wanna Be The Guy. I had world records on the boss rush, and could play through the whole thing multiple times in a day.

@“Karnovski”#p85715 I love DDR too but getting AAAs on Heavy was never something I could do.

Before covid brought my playing to a close, I‘d play at the nearby Round 1 two or three times a week. I could clear 16s, but not much better than that. I’ve never been close to the level of the people who play in tournaments.

IIDX is another game I spent a lot of time with. I think I was able to clear a couple of the easiest 10s, but that was my absolute limit and now my skills are atrophied and I feel lucky to clear 7s. I used to play Doubles mode though and I feel playing IIDX doubles at all is a skill few have.
I might be trash, but I like to say I'm the best Bemani player in my small middle-of-nowhere town in upstate NY!

I've never thought of myself as *really* good at any game. I mostly just play games for fun and to see if I can do better than my previous best!

I‘m pretty high on a few of the leaderboards for Pac-Man CE2. Haven’t checked in a while but at one point was top 5 on a couple.

My party trick used to be 'sight reading' expert drums in Rock Band / Guitar Hero. As an actually-quite-good drummer, it was fun to watch non-musician gamer types marvel at my astonishing skills.

RPGs shouldn't really count as being good at video games HOWEVER: I can play through Pokemon Blue Version with my eyes closed, or a gameboy with a completely broken/missing screen, going on sounds alone. I could also perhaps go through it without sound, too, a surprisingly far amount but random encounters would make that more difficult.


shouldn’t really count

and yet,

@“Nemoide”#p85943 I could only ever AAA some of the easier songs and it certainly wasn‘t on a super regular basis. Extreme on ps2 though, I had a lot of songs down to less than 10 ’Greats‘. I’d never played any tourneys or anything or even was competitive with any other people, always just myself.

As for iidx, I played quite a bit of the US PS2 version, but never got great at it. I decided that specifically with iidx that I could learn a real instrument with less work lol. It's so fun though. I almost bought a used djdao arcade style controller for a decent price about ten years ago but talked myself out of it.
I really love rhythm games. Played some dj max and gitarooman on psp when I was in high school and always liked Guitar Hero and Rockband a lot. DDR is still the king though.

I am not a very skilled player, overall, but I believe I am pretty darn good at Saturn Bomberman.

I am not good at Tetris but I did get the « finished first in **Tetris 99** battle royale three times in a row » badge/achievement, which is and will probably remain the highlight of my e-sport résumé.

I learned how to speedrun the SFC version of **Magic Sword** around the early months of COVID-19 seclusion. It’s a really easy and well-documented game to get started in speedrunning, even "casually". (The arcade version is much harder.) I am pretty sure I have already forgotten most about the proper routing and strats…

Speaking of COVID-19, I was really skilled at losing on purpose at **Among Us**, in order that colleagues, fellow members of my profession and other acquaintances who forced me into playing this stupid game would not suspect I might be manipulating them in real life. Does this qualify as being meta-good at the game?

I regularly(!) impress kids and friends alike with the "_**A Link to the Past** finished in 3 minutes_" trick, especially since the game became available on the NSO app of the Switch. It’s an extremely simple exploit but, since relatively few people know about it compared to the game’s universal popularity, I guess I am statistically much better than most players at speedrunning the game? It’s a pretty nice feeling to have children marvel at your exploits, reproduce the bug themselves and understand the concept and appeal of sequence breaking, all wrapped up in just about 10-15 minutes.

I was unexplainably good at **Mars Matrix** when it came out on the Dreamcast. Something about the One Button system just clicked with me and I would be genuinely bewildered at comments that the game was difficult (since I usually suck at shooting games). Retried the game a few subsequent times at decades’ intervals and, of course, proved to be a complete wiener every time. I wish I had a record of that short-lived bullet hell euphoria.

I used to have pretty strong time attack records at **Sega Rally** (Saturn version) and **Ridge Racer V** (PS2 version). Also was _really_ into optimizing MGS1 VR Missions around the time of **Metal Gear Solid Integral**’s release.


had a pal that's in the credits of ng black. guess they had gitgud contest or something, he got 9th. first time i ever got fuckin ripped was at his place, first time i played halo 3, too. anyway.

never been a competitive person but every battlefield and ace combat. bf is a bit nebulous but i can usually top any ol server outside a vehicle anytime. ACs are just about the only games i'll 100% on every difficulty and the brief window where assault horizon was online was the power trip i always wanted.

I should probably be better at destiny considering the hundreds of hours i've put into it but idk, i don't typically dig stuff that's Challenging and non-coop multi is really losing my interest.

i used to be good at fighting games but ever since my sparring partner moved away I just sorta gave it up. i miss em. fgc, shoryuken. shrug

Forgot to mention in my previous post on this thread that as a child who grew up on google maps/earth (probably one of the “games” i‘ve spent the most time with) I’m extremely good at GeoGuessr. I consistently score more than 20,000 points on each regular 5 round game I play (if that means anything to anyone)


this post completely changed my splat life. i gave the ssjr a shot and i haven't stopped since. overall it's made me a better, more patient player. i'm actually paying attention and reading situations a lot better, i really like the splat bomb pinch where ya throw one and then quickly close the gap with an ink saver full auto.

i've only really spent time with it in turf war so far because the coverage is just so good but now that i've gotten real comfy with it i'll take it into anarchy.

i prob never woulda used ssjr if not for ya sayin so and it's made me enjoy the game a whole lot more now that i've rocked a team of children 15-0