gaming rituals

Do you have any specific rituals related to playing games?

One ritual I started about six months ago is that I play games for about 30 minutes before I start my work day. I either attempt a 1CC run at the shmup I’m working on trying to beat or I play through some short games I’ve saved on It’s been nice starting my day with a little time for me.

mentioned this before but I do a set of pushups when I die. It kind of gets out of control if it's a hard game because your fine motor gets messed up if you do lots of reps, making you even worse at the game

Wash my hands thoroughly so I don't get my controllers dirty.


@“yeso”#p119564 your fine motor gets messed up if you do lots of reps, making you even worse at the game

I find the opposite true for me! I don't stop and do a workout in between lives like you do, but if I've had a full workout that morning of lifting weights, or I've busted out my errands by bicycles, or had a day of warehouse work, coming home, I can beat action games or clear stages I wasn't able to before! Akumajou Dracula X68000 seemed fairly easy doing it that way.

@“yeso”#p119564 I already do a 48 set when I wake up and this number tends to increase over time so I would hate doing this to failure.

One thing I do do is try to do the same physical activity as the player character if it happens to be realistic and doesn't interfere with holding the controller.
i.e. I do speed squats with Cloud in FF7 and hold my breath when Lara Croft is swimming or Sonic is under water. I also held it in during that one Parappa level. This is actually how I rebuilt my knees after a car accident because I kept hindu squatting while grinding materia, and in fact, to this very day its how I grind in any turn based rpg.

Come to think of it, as recently as my playthrough of Dragon Warrior IV, I did my 15lb push-presses while grinding it out or whatever in the game. Any game I can play one handed (so mainly RPGs) I've done 15 lb reps while playing. I keep the weight by my bed where I play games. Helps for extended sessions/days of playing where I really should get some excersize, haha.