I’m pretty neutral on the idea of ghosts but earlier tonight while my wife was in the bath I felt someone run their hand through the back my hair and across my ear. man, that was weird.

@“devilsblush”#p118213 maybe it was a big bug!!

(that's also a ghost)

I‘ve always found the idea of ghosts to be fascinating. I can creepy myself out pretty easily by thinking about them too much or looking up ghost photography late at night. I’ve never seen/experienced one though!

IDK how much I buy the common *interpretation* of ghosts as the undying consciousness of people who die sticking around, trying to tell loved ones that "everything is okay on the other side" or pushing chairs and stuff like that. But there's enough of a history of people experiencing ghostly phenomena that I'm inclined to think there's got to be something to it.

@“exodus”#p118245 guess it could’ve been a ghost bug but it felt pretty distinctly like human fingers


seems like the ghost has taken a liking to you

so in my list city, i was part of a ghost hunting team - it was pretty cool, much of it involves repurposing tools to try to measure things on different spectrums. one of my favorite tools was this redon kinect with a camera that showed you figures walking around via the line patterns it uses, right? only once did we see something on it that wasn't visible otherwise, that was something

much of the really interesting stuff came from really expensive audio recorders playing back questions asked, once in a blue moon you'd hear what clearly sounded like a word but sometimes you'd just hear growling (!). i loved that.

i absolutely get anyone's cynicism about "ghosts" but i tend to respond to that with the same notion i would folks on said team: the common judeo-christian framework that even non religious folks often seem to abide puts abstracts like this into such a tiny, boring box. let's say you were somehow shown irrefutable proof (whatever that looks like) that something supernatural in nature was around you. why would acknowledging this so commonly bring a list of cultural assumptions for folks? no, it's not necessarily some human that died and can't yadda yadda ughhh. not to bring phenomenology too much into this, but it's pretty well known that our senses are limited and we use various instruments to pick up/utilize all sorts of energy on spectrums we can't visualize. why is this potential phenomenon any more likely to be what's assumed than, say, an imprint from another timeline? some other dimensional shadow? literally any number of things that don't have to either fit social norms or upset the ideals of hard atheists either.

i get it, it's pseudo-science, but man let's get high and wander out into the woods or a creepy house with some instruments and see what we pick up, that shit's fun even if you don't find a thing

If ghosts aren't real, why do I own this book?