Gimme Wizards

does this count

@“connrrr”#p151900 Nobody beats me!

Love me some wizards. I‘ve been cobbling together a wizard outfit, every time I go to the renn faire I buy a new piece. I realized I’ve been accidentally dressing up like this guy:


I sometimes feel bad battling some of the friendlier looking monsters in DQXI. Lump wizards did not fall into this category.


I love the little wizard in the homebrew game Ralph 4 (a very addictive game that has a singular killer song on the soundtrack):

@“Lunar”#p152029 that ending made me lol irl fr.


It’s a good game to get slightly tipsy friends play for those exact moments

I really want to play through Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 again. That game is so good.

I just saw they have these great [character sheets on their site](


Are alchemists wizards? Probably not, but he looks like one and “has an extremely small health bar”, and maybe that’s the most important part.


@“safety_lite”#p155002 Are alchemists wizards? Probably not

I would argue yes! If wizards are 'people who do magic', then alchemists would be a subset of that. A specific kind of 'people who do magic'.

Anyway, I've got Everhood on my mind lately and it has some wizards.


Claire from SLARPG!!! i really love her. and just all wizards. sometimes when i am reading/playing/watching something with wizards in i get an incredible feeling of longing. i love the computer but really i wish i was a wizard.