Give Up the Ghost: a puzzle checklist

Since y‘all enjoyed my last game (Control the Body) thought I’d post my new game despite sort of only lurking here.

This one is much more rooted in the turn-based puzzle genre (I had actually started working on this game before my previous one), but I'm pretty proud of a lot of the puzzles in there. It took one my playtesters over 20 hours to beat.

Anyway, playable here:


If you're a fan of puzzles give it a shot and tell me what you think :)

This is pretty dang good!

I only had time to get up to level 10 before I had to stop to organise dinner for this evening, but I like it.

Levels are great, Gearbox is my favorite so far but different ones are also really clever.

I wonder how many can i actually beat, i like that you can play them in any order you want.

Yeah, the large majority of my time making this game was spent on the level design. Glad it's well-received so far!

I remember your last game looking fwd to this one too