Good Game Company Names

Saw this today and got me thinking. What are some other good names?

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I have two words for you: Artdink

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I can't find a good pic of the logo, but the pc-98 developer Libido sure knew how to name a company.

the other thing about nudemaker is the team actually did make some eroge, so… maybe the J>E dictionary served them well.

This is not in the same vein as the others but I really like:

I like the “we're good at computers” convention of studio naming like: The Bitmap Brothers, Codemasters, and Spectrum Holobyte!%20go!%20dodge%20league%20(j)%20(v1.1)_00008.jpg

Onion Egg is another good one, but I can't find their logo anywhere (if they even have one)

fill-in-cafe rules but hot-b is unbeatable (unBtable)

@exodus#9994 the B stands for

I dont want to sound too obvious but you all forgot this treasure

Id actually not heard of this developer until this week where I heard of them, several times

This may be veering into just appreciating logos over names, but I do love the simple humanity of Sammy

ah man, I keep forgetting about this one:

pee cube!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess someone had to be the guy. I just looked them up, and I guess they have since changed to Behaviour Interactive.

I always thought Tokyo RPG Factory was a pretty fantastic name.

yeahhhhhhhh duuuuuuuuuuude a2m is one of the all time great names

You guys are all a bunch of ART DiNKs

and I think you need to Think about Needs of Notice for Human Being

@"hellomrkearns"#p9967 PAK-IN-VIDEO is a company I like a lot, and often forgotten in english speaking discussion for creating Harvest Moon and Legend of the River King.

Oh I also forgot about KID with their amazing full name

[upl-image-preview url=//]

@treefroggy#10995 this rules. love a good/bad acronym company name.