Gotta discuss 'em all!! (The Pokémon Thread)

Here is the thread where trainers, wildlife photographers and other pokéficionados gather to discuss the hit new fad of 1998 that has all the kids saying “pickachew pakoocho!”

Pokémon has been if not a significant part of my life then at least a persistent one since Red & Blue came to my school in Grade 7. I keep coming back. Why do I keep coming back? What is it about this series that appeals to us?

At their core these are games about kids going on their first adventure and making friends with weird animals along the way… by making them fight each other not quite to the death. Their world is colourful and optimistic (alternatively: sanitized), looking remarkably like our own but with a squeaky clean technonaturalist society superimposed on top of it—one whose functioning more or less hinges on harnessing the power of these weird animals called pocket monsters. Thematically intriguing if you care to scrutinize it!

I’ve played Blue, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum and X to completion, with sights on Unova and maayyybe Scarlet or Violet? (Currently playing the new Snap!) The anime has only been gaining in production values since initially airing and I know I should watch more of the new stuff, but my heart is in Kanto. I’ve read some of the manga and had a crush on Green as a kid. It’s a mass-media franchise with loads of spinoffs and companion material parallel to the games. There’s kind of a lot we can talk about!

Your very own
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when Pikachu stopped looking like this Pokemon lost a part of its soul for good

surfing pikachu also acceptable love him a lot


Fat pikachu daisuki :heart:

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I've mentioned it before, but I'm a very casual pokeperson -- I beat Red when it came out, I was around 11, and then beat Sword when it came out. I still pop into GO a couple times a year and dabble in a spinoff here or there. I might get Scarlet or Violet if I want a big game come November, or if I have someone who wants to trade pokes.

I find this is a good way to enjoy Pokemon, with lots of space between me and the noise. It helps you appreciate that there's really nothing like it (though stuff like DokeV and that Sugimori-based fan project trending on Twitter look leagues better, I've never found an imitator that really hits the spot; alongside the complexity that comes with the sheer amount of existing Pokemon, there's a Dragon Quest-ian simplicity and refinement to the core games -- everything else ends up feeling like Doctor Thunder). @"connrrr"#502, I've read about you playing New Pokemon Snap, and it's a similar vibe (I saw someone play most of that and tried it a bit; it's good) -- from where I'm standing, the Pokemon Sword/Shield DLC was _excellent_ (similarly, no one talked about it), people got exactly the Pokemon Snap game they've been screaming for for 20 years, Arceus was really good, but I'm led to believe that Pokemon is constantly terrible? I think I'll keep enjoying from a distance, it's pretty chill over here

i don‘t think i’ve loved anything as much as the child me loved pokémon blue and silver versions.

@“tokucowboy”#p79049 the way my brother tells it that simplicity is what‘s under attack by the newer games’ constantly ratcheting bloat. He thinks the series needs a reset on play mechanics, and I agree (and would delight in how mad it would make a lot of people).


@“treefroggy”#p79019 WAKE ME UP when they make a game like this. until then, pokemon is dead. I got no time for any praise for any modern pokemon that does the bare minimum for the 100th time and sells more copies than Gen 1 and 2 combined.

Um no modern Pokémon has ever passed Gen 1 alone.

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Pokémon Naranja • Berenjena or whatever they called it is the first one to have a real shot.

I quite like the pokemon especially the games. I got into it kind of late around age 13/14 despite having a GBA when gen 3 was being released.

One thing I really appreciate are the over worlds, the setting is strangely unique. The games have this utopian view of a close future with fantastic technologies. I guess it's similar to early Dragonball but with less calamity.

I've played every gens main game but almost none of the remakes. I could probably write a whole lot which is why I never made this thread. Here are some thoughts:

Gen 1- has the best world design
Gen 2- it's gen1 but not as good.
Gen 3- has the best narrative even though it's plot is brickheaded stupid.
Gen 4- it's fine, let down by technical slowness
Gen 5- has the best pacing, is probably my favourite but is very ugly in multiple ways
Gen 6- goes down easy but isnt anything special
Gen 7- is very special but moves like sludge
Gen 8- I like a lot outside of the wild area.

God where do I even begin with this thread

Pokémon Blue was my first game and I got it in 1997 when I was 6 and learning how to read.

I can play it with my eyes closed, all day. Easy moneh.

I have intense opinions which I may have already written about at length but I will repeat them again

Plug in my post from McDonald’s

Gen 1 - the most adult Pokémon game
Gen 2- the second most adult Pokémon game
Gen 3 - the last Pokémon game
Gen 4 DPPt - good music,
Gen 4 HGSS - the last real Pokémon game
Gen b&w - the last Pokémon game
Everything else beyond miss me with that

I’m about to come in this thread swinging l, sorry not sorry. Here we go

I spent this morning discussing and patching Pokémon Blue/Red ROMs to have their backsprites from the 1997 space world demo because it turns out half of them were based on the front sprites from Pokémon blue and they are sick af

But no one has yet made a hack with a true complete consistent Pokémon blue 1997 back sprites
But it’s coming, the thing about Pokémon is someone else will do it if you wait long enough

@"chazumaru"#p79069 💔 taking my statement totally out of context. It was superlative but also, that’s just main line games. How many did Pokémon go do?? Just let me be my grump ass Pokémon grandpa please I even said at the top of the post that I was farting and sassing. Call it [I know I’m probably wrong the lazy disinfo]( if you want. I will get that graph tattooed on my back if you pay for it.

### everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’m not gonna attack anyone who likes something I don’t like

~(but I will probably not take part in any convo about a pkmn game if I don’t find it to be appealing. Like I just don’t have much to say about x y or z or sword or arrow or deku shield that doesn’t apply to all of them—homogenized.

Mainly I will talk about why I can infinitely replay red & blue, and why it still stimulates my imagination, and how absolutely significant the leaks, protos, design docs, etc. were.

Old Game Freak is like Treasure. At the very least treasure and ken sugimori both copied Akira toriyama.

Anyways I’m sitting Here in my drivers seat wearing dripping wet swim trunks, I just got back from the beach 🏖 with my Pokémon! Gotta go

Ps- I was testing Pokémon ROMs on my gbc at the beach. I was one hour late to see a free Ty Segal acoustic set in Santa Monica beach today because I was organizing gameboy ROMs fanatically. When I showed up they were packing up and I set up my chair and played gameboy anyways. My friends didn’t even notice me and I didn’t notice them. Lickitung had me “down bad”👅

It’s a toss up whether Mother or Pokémon is more formative to me. Doesn’t matter since they’re both so intertwined they may as well be their own genre of coming of age stand by me video game cartridges

oh yes, this is a thread that needed to exist, and i‘m glad it finally does. i’d thought about starting it in the past, but never quite built up the courage.

i relate so strongly to @rootfifthoctave's idea about never loving anything as much as i loved and obsessed over Pokemon Blue as a kid. i almost think of it as an experience separate to "video games" because it was so much more all-encompassing, more social, more pervasive, and more _fun_.

this morning i listened to a TED Talk about the importance of fun in our lives. science journalist Catherine Price suggested a new definition for "fun" which is: the combination of playfulness, connectedness, and flow. if you've got those three things, you are going to have a meaningfully fun and memorable experience. if that isn't a perfect description of what Pokemon is, and has been, at its best, then what the heck is, you know?

my history with the games is like this:

did everything it's possible to do with Blue, then couldn't get into Gold/Silver because it came out when i was slightly too old, and it was always going to be impossible to capture that Blue magic anyway. i took a long break from Pokemon.

i didn't jump back in until i was in university, when i was obsessed with the Nintendo DS, and Diamond and Pearl came out. i remember walking over to the nearest GameStop and buying Pearl, which was the first full-priced video game i'd purchased in years at that point. i loved it!

then i played Soul Silver, didn't finish it, and fell off again for a while...

moved to Japan in 2010, mere weeks before Black and White released. in those days, Pokemon didn't let you choose which language you wanted to play in, and i thought my Japanese might be good enough to play the game in its original language, so i tried White. my Japanese was not only not good enough at that point, but all the Pokemon had different names, and it felt too alien. couldn't quite wrap my head around it.

in 2013, i got Pokemon Y _day one_, and devoured it. this was my true return to the franchise. did the same with Alpha Sapphire.

i guess the height of my Pokemon fandom was summer of 2014, when i lived for a couple of months in Fukuoka all by myself. i didn't know anybody, and had a weird combination of free time and money, so i decided to build a full living pokedex. i did this through a combination of importing the Pokemon i already had in my 3DS games, and then going to Book Off and buying cheap used copies of a bunch of the old games. back then, you could literally get DS Pokemon games for 100-500 yen (cartridge only), so it was like buying scratch-off lottery tickets. buy a bunch of cartridges, plug them in when you get home, and see what Pokemon are left on old save files. i sure did have a lot of fun doing this...

...and then the Switch games came out, and there was no way to import my _**full living pokedex**_ into the new games. plus Sword kind of sucked lol. Arceus was a bit more fun, but i'm sort of more inclined to go back and experience the DS and GBA era games i missed out on than Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon just feels better in 2D.


@“treefroggy”#p79087 How many did Pokémon go do??

Way way way way more money than all mainline Pokémon games combined – or so it is estimated. (I know the question was rhetorical.)

Since I am dumping some sales data early in this Pokémon thread, here are the known Million sellers among Pokémon spin-offs on consoles. One or two Pico games may be missing as Sega has that software data and has never shared it in details. Sega sold over 3 Million Sega Pico consoles in Japan.

[upl-image-preview url=]

@“chazumaru”#p79089 what about Hey You, Pikachu! (Guessing it didn't sell one million.)


@“beets”#p79085 Gen 7- is very special but moves like sludge

What was special about this gen to you? I got to just past the first island challenge in Moon but stopped and could be talked into picking it up again. I'd heard it's got a great story and cast.

@“connrrr”#p79097 Good observation! It should be there with 1.83 Million cartridges shipped worldwide, according to Celine’s data over at InstallBase. I guessed it escaped the analyst’s attention due to the lack of any “Pokémon” branding in the metadata.

i also haven't finished Moon.

can anyone tell me whether Moon or Ultra Moon is the way to go? i understand that it's not exactly a sequel situation.

You know what’s more exciting than new Pokémon announcements?

old Pokémon discoveries

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Reason #3 why gen 1 is most adult: Pokemon Violence that is now against policy to depict

Reason #5: stuff was allowed to look different and be different colors because it was homogenized for the anime.

I’m the “_STAR WARS_ fan" who only likes Star Wars from 1977 and doesn’t call it episode IV. Only in regards to fat pikachu being the only pikachu.

Pokémon Silver was one of the first games to get me obsessed with a video game. It seemed like more and more people (kids) were playing the Pokémon games around me and singing the praises of Catching your favourite creatures!! Evolving them!! Going on an Adventure!!! Trading with your friends! CATCHING THE LEGENDARY POKÉMON!!

So I begged and begged my parents for the Pokémon Silver even though I didn't own a Game Boy. Eventually my older friend at my babysitter's lent me HIS Game Boy and his copy of Pokémon Silver for a week, to see if I would like it and actually be able to play it. (I was 8 years old, that kid was a saint???!!?). Turns out yes!!! I loved it. Then time gets foggy so I don't actually know how much time passed but one day my mom came home from a garage sale where she found a Purple Game Boy Color and... Pokémon Silver!!! Greatest day ever, essentially.

Had some great times playing that cartridge until the battery died out on me (I remember having at least 250 hours on there). Trading and battling with friends was so great. Finding out the duplication glitch so my friends and I could share the same Pokémon, figuring out that meant you could duplicate held items, duplicating master balls(!), and finally catching that roaming Entei! Great stuff.

After that I played through Pokémon Yellow that I borrowed from a friend, but never really played through the entirety of other mainline Pokémon games. I watched another friend at the babysitter's play through Pokémon Ruby over his shoulder, and saw a bit of Pokémon Diamond. I owned Pokémon Stadium 2, Pokémon Snap, and Pokémon Colosseum, but as much as I liked them, they never really felt like "real" Pokémon games. Otherwise, I'm finally playing Emerald on my modded 3DS right now, just beat the 8th gym and am headed for the Pokémon League. I can really tell that I would have loved this game a whole bunch as a kid. The endgame content would have kept me busy for years. Definitely can relate to all of y'all saying you don't think you'll ever love something as much as you loved Pokémon as a kid. Those games were catnip for childhood imagination.

The tournament arc in the Sun and Moon anime was bullshit

anyone else got the urge to start up a new Pokemon game as a result of this thread? lol

Blue was my first pokemon game, but Moon was the first (and still only!) mainline game I played through to the end. I loved that game, and also loved each and every one of my pokecrew so much that I had to immortalize them by recording a video of the little victory animation that plays at the end (can y‘all believe I was Alola’s first-ever Champion???). I would die for (and from) a hug from Bewear <3. The fit options for the main protagonist were also on point–I grew quite attached to this ensemble in particular.

I'm not sure if I'll ever put nearly as much time into a pokemon game (I think I caught one measly little corgi in Shield before it put me to sleep), but I will always treasure my time spent pseudo-cock-fighting in bizarro Hawaii.

edit: switched from google drive to yt for the video...couldn't get drive to work consistently argh