Great Fighting Game alternate costumes

I love a good alternate color/costume on a fighting game character. Here are a few of my favorites:

Budokai 1's alternate Zarbon costume:

Mario's alt costumes in Smash Ultimate:

Venom, but Purple from Guilty Gear Accent Core + R:

Among many others. What are some of your favorites?

The Tekken series has a lot of great alternate costumes.

@tomjonjon#11250 It does!


The introduction of player-generated costumes (_in Tekken 5?_) kind of ruined Tekken for me though, as even in single player modes you're now confronted with semi-random garbage outfits and palette swaps instead of the expertly crafted, diverse, interesting outfits of the previous games.


I did love the Nintendo outfits in Tag Tournament 2 though.

Starting with Tekken 4, Yoshimitsu has an alternate costume that is an homage to Genpei Tōma Den AKA Samurai Ghost, a Namco arcade / Turbografx game in the same genre as Konami's arguably better known Getsu Fūma Den.

Street Fighter V has some fantastic alternate costumes, including some based on other Capcom games, but I quite like this weirdo costume for Blanka:


@billy#11267 I think the Soul Calibur series handled custom costumes better than Tekken. I've been meaning to get TTT2 for WiiU though.

I‘m not sure getsu fuuma den is the better known game since samurai ghost has TWO games (samurai ghost being the 2nd) and and started in arcades, where getsu fuuma den was a - I don’t want to say clone, but very close homage to the earlier genpei fuuma den (and its famicom/PC engine ports) so if it is indeed better known that sure sucks for 1980s namco!!

Anyhoo costume alts - I sort of like that hey brought back athena's warrior costume for neo geo battle colosseum

but the best costume alts will always be the custom tekken ones I reckon.

@exodus#11734 The fact that there exists a fighting game where you can play as the Metal Slug nose alien is hilarious to me

Haha I was waiting for @exodus to say something about Samurai Ghost. :wink:

The other day I was thinking about Negaduck from Darkwing Duck (as one does) and this idea for a fun variation on the favorite console color variants thread came to mind. Please post your favorite shinies, alts, evil clones, etc!

To kick it off, I figured I would share one of my favorite Ryu variants. I remember thinking it was pretty rad that you could finally choose alt color schemes in _Super Street Fighter II_ for the SNES and this orange/blue combo was especially cool:


Also, I think Smash might be a bit taboo around here, but another favorite is bumblebee Ness:


Bumblebee Ness is GOAT

However I regret to inform you this specific thing is already a topic here: great-fighting-game-alternate-costumes

@treefroggy#24126 dang, I knew this was too much of a fun idea not to exist already!

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