Gunsport tomorrow

ah, I get not approving of stadia!

@MichaelDMcGrath#5494 yeah I found the Stadia experience to be pretty smooth (besides the lag which is…well…a big deal). Connected my DualShock to my desktop Mac.

Im having so much fun. Almost done the first 3 circuits. Those last matches are tough!!

Is it only going to be on stadia? If so then it's not available in my country, would like to try it & congrats on the release!

@beets#5587 We'll be able to announce more info about that in the future!

I don‘t know much about Stadia unfortunately, but it’s bandcamp friday and I bought the soundtrack!

I hope that helps, and also hope one day I will get to enjoy Gunsport the game, even if it means learning about Stadia!

I missed bandcamp Friday again!! Gah

daaaaaaaaaaamn tho. This soundtrack is the hot sauce!

the fireballs!

dat habanero ghost pepper carolina reaper!

the chili peppers that ppl like kobunheat refuse to acknowledge in their japanese curry recipes becoz they're wankers!

a spicy meat a ball~

_el caliente_

darnit I said balls twice...

seriously for reals, the music is real good! like yallz didnt have to go so hard, but you did!

someone needs to call up like Geoff Keighley and tell him to put this on the ballot for best game soundtrack at the game awards!

it's in the bag! Final Fantasy Remake aint got shit on Gunsport!

my fave song so far is Sapeur Strut, but that may change as I listen more.

Hmm, I am trying to submit this to various awards, but I think my list of shows is old… And weird because no shows are happening live now.

Anyway: I have been working on this game on and off for 7 years and haven't gotten tired of the soundtrack yet, so I agree!!

I finally had some time to play this - it's great! Congratulations to everyone involved.

thank you!!