Gunsport tomorrow

Somehow feels weird to do promo in here but Gunsport, the game we‘ve worked on in fits and spurts for 7 years, is coming out tomorrow. It’ll be free for whoever signs up for a Stadia Pro account, which is also free for the first month.

It's a pain in the butt to sign up for things, but I hope some folks will do it. I'll post a longer thread about the various things that happened along the way, but suffice it to say we went from this:


to this:


And frankly it doesn't look that different in the grand scheme! But I sure notice all the changes.

Anyway, tomorrow at 11 AM PDT we will be doing a livestream where the AI all play against each other in a tournament. I have no idea who will win! It's all down to how the AI is feeling that day. I had to write text for all potential outcomes. I'll update this with the livestream, or you can check my twitter for news (, but I do hope you'll check the game out, because really that's the main thing we'll get out of this thing, people maybe liking it. And if you don't like it that's okay too! We can explain exactly why we wound up doing a thing you don't like, ha ha.

Well - check it out!?

@exodus#5460 Congrats! This is awesome. Will definitely be tuning in.

gonna chill hard in that stream tomorrow.

Wow I played this game for three days straight 5 years ago. I sure did think it was a cool game then!

well, it's out now and apparently the player preferences have it set so that volume is defaulted at 0. well, that sucks!! please manually raise the volume and keep sfx one click above music.

what a situation :\

There's been a patch submitted for the audio issue. So with any luck it should be fixed later today. The defaults are 7 for music, 8 for sfx!

Today I learned you don‘t need any hardware to play Google Stadia. All the marketing features that goofy controller and the new Chromecast and I thought it was limited to that, and never bothered looking at the games on there because "I didn’t have a Stadia".

I hope I'm the only one this under a rock, but it might be worth reminding people on Twitter or something that they can play without a Chromecast and Google's proprietary controller if that's not in breach of some agreement with them.

set that Stadia Pro trial up this morning it literally took me like, two minutes before i was playing gunsport with my regular ol' xbox one controller. game owns!! did the circuit and on the fifth (i think) game the AI finally owned the heck out of me.

Here‘s the livestream link for anyone who sees this in time!! It’s happening in 20 minutes!!

Congrats on the launch! I‘m beyond excited to see the game out and really happy to have helped on it. I miss the main menu music while I’ve tabbed out-of-game to work on something else.


Here's the soundtrack for anyone interested!

aaaand here's a stream archive:

Best of luck with the launch of the game. The team emblems are very cool.

thanks! some people are playing/enjoying and also not understanding how netcode works ;_;

WOW! I guess I wasn't quite sure what to expect but Gunsport is fantastic!

@exodus where do you go from here? Is this something you're looking to actively discuss around here or do you never want to see it again? haha

I don't know that I've ever had that much fun so instantly. It feels awesome. I could see myself playing this constantly. Any plans outside of Stadia?

Well that's probably the nicest thing anybody is ever going to say about Gunsport, so thank you!

There are plans outside stadia, but I can't get more specific just yet - we have some small ideas for feature additions and improvements but we will have to see what kind of budget we have for it. Ultimately it's a rather small game and we shouldn't try to stretch it too far... More teams would be lovely but unlikely, for example. A single background takes a month to complete. So... What we can do from here will really depend on whether we have funding and time to do it in.

I do hope some people wind up enjoying it, so this is a good start.

Oh dang, congrats on the launch, woooo! The game is looking and sounding fantastic! And yeah, the logo design is absolutely excellent!

I've also gotta say, the concept for this event was really well chosen! I missed the stream but I'm watching archive this morning.

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