H I G H - S C O R E * H A N G - O U T

A place to post scores. I currently don‘t have any high scores to speak of, but I am working on getting 1 million in Bosconian and been playing Pac-Man CE and Geometry Wars 2. Hopefully I can get some numbers I’m proud of.

[Here](https://arcadeblogger.com/2021/01/31/anatomy-of-arcade-high-score-tables/) is a cool write up about high score initial entry.

When prompted to enter high-score initials I always go with B A D. I have been doing that for as long as I can remember.

Please feel free to post cool initial entry music (Galaga has a great tune for that) and any other high score entry ephemera.

[“H I G H - S C O R E H A N G - O U T”,“H I G H - S C O R E * H A N G - O U T”]

from when I was the top (legitimate) high score in pyongyang racer, which I probably shouldn't have been playing, but, well.


At my local arcade years ago, I once got obsessed with trying to beat the top high score there in Mr. Do for some reason (an excellent game that is criminally underrated and written off as a Dig Dug clone when it has way more depth mechanically) and spent pretty much an entire afternoon trying to top it. I ended up beating it by a good margin and based on whatever Twin Galaxies had posted for top all-time scores, I think I had like the unofficial 13th highest score in the world IIRC, although much like the home run record of Barry Bonds, you should probably put an asterisk next to that because all the other versions I‘ve played in the wild have Mr. Do move much slower than the cabinet I played, and maybe it’s one of those things where the game was modded because I've had lots of different experiences with Ms. Pac-Man and the speed of how she moves compared to the ghosts, with some cabinets having lighting fast speed and others have her slower than the ghosts.

2048 has been my fidget activity for a few years now. I don‘t even really consider it a game, it’s just the thing I do to keep my hands busy when I‘m watching stuff or I’m standing in lines or whatever. I got the highest possible number on a 4x4 grid a while back and I‘ve been working on the 5x5 version for probably 7 years at this point. I should mention, too, that I didn’t know Threes existed until I heard it mentioned on the podcast. Threes is definitely the better game, but 2048 will be my fidget toy for the foreseeable future. It's the purest “number go up” experience.

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p122807 oh my god i thought i was hot shit when i got 4096 once when i played

I just got a new tetris 40 line PB (tetr.io) and this thread happened to be created today so might as well post it


I'm officially under 1 line per second!

@“exodus”#p122777 did you ever end up travelling to the DPRK?

@“穴”#p122832 Hey uh… holy shit!

@“穴”#p122832 you've shown us your tetris playing before, but even so I am astounded

When I was in college, my friend and I were so excited for the release of Vancouver 2010 because we had so much fun playing each other in Beijing 2008 on PS3.

I went to my local Best Buy one night to buy batteries and caught that they’d stocked Vancouver 2010 one day early. So I picked up a copy for Xbox 360 and went home to play it. Well, I must’ve been the first person in the world to do that because every time that I finished an event, I sat at the top of the global leaderboard and was the _only_ person on the global leaderboard. And that’s the story of how, for a short time, I had the high score on every Olympic event in Vancouver 2010.

I was the 231st best Mario Maker 2 player in the world.



So, it was on the day it released, but still, I went on a good run in endless mode. At the time the levels were far easier then they are today since the only levels were made by nintendo and press who got the game early. There were so few levels that I even saw some repeats. I could have easily kept going but I put the game down, I was overtaken by thousands of people…. but regardless I made it up to #231 for a brief period!

Not impressive scores but here are my scores from geometry wars 2. These are all from when the game was closer to new.

I’m tomjonjon.

i have a world record in an html5 game called nyamo‘s adventure: https://www.speedrun.com/nyamos_adventure?h=Any-Normal_Mode

(i already posted about this once, but there isn’t really much competition in this game… maybe i‘ll (re)claim the other categories someday, since i’ve figured out a way around my broken arrow keys!)

@“UnrealClock”#p122834 I did not

@"topeconhilo"#p122931 I don't want to ruin this very excellent story but were you definitely connected to the internet at the time?

The Geometry Wars 2 talk gave me such an itch that I pulled my Xbox out of the closet to play some tonight. Here are my high-scores:


I did well enough in Ziggurat once to be moderately impressed with how high I made it in the rankings, but not so well that I can recall or even estimate what the number of alien freaks killed was or the resulting rank on the leaderboard.

I wish there were an easier way than digging out my 360 and plugging it back in to check my old highscores and maybe play a little.

Port geowars (2) to pc game pass, microsoft! Let me log in with my same account, retrieve my same highscores, and play some!

I briefly had a top 10 Guacamelee Gold 100% speedrun; I wanna say I had 8th. Went through a period of just really, really loving that game. This was before people broke down the game and started doing real proper speedruns, after which I was completely out of my league.

@“exodus”#p122961 it's never too late.