Hacks, Hardware & Emulation, Oh My

Thank you @robinhoodie for selling me a MemCard Pro, this thing is seriously such a great accessory for playing on real hardware, especially with an ODE


This is a very nice upgrade for GBC lovers

I use the wireless version of the retrobit Genesis 6-button. The trick is to configure the Retropad and not the individual emulator controls. Map Retropad L to X and Retropad R to C and much will “just work”. Think about A B X Y on your Sega 6-button as being your Xbox face buttons. The only other caveat I found is that the retrobit D-Pad is actually mapped as an analogue stick. This makes default settings for Beetle Saturn work reasonably.

My retroarch white whale is trying to get controller profiles to work so I can actually switch between my “normal” controller and the six button without having to manually remap it every time.


16 player Faceball on Game Boy.


Does anyone have any recommendations for essential or other homebrew on PSP? I’m more looking for tools than emulators or games.

Generally searching the internet for this tends to lead to 15 year old threads with dead links or outdated tools.

I’m planning to install one of the file managers that gives you better control over folders, but that’s the most relevant tool I’ve discovered so far.

@dracula This is the most modern version of a thing I always liked with PSP Plugins

played a lot of games with my own tunes this way.


@robinhoodie This is great, thank you! I’ve been wanting to pick out a handful of albums to add to my PSP and try to adopt it as more of an MP3 player option when I can. This will help me in that direction too.

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Put some more games on my PS2’s HDD today, first time I’ve done it in a couple years, and went to go find a USB-A drive to move all the new box/disc/etc art over to OPL and realized…I no longer have any USB-A drives. I don’t even have USB-A microSD converters now. Kind of a bizarre realization when I think back to how rotten my life used to be with USB-A devices of all kinds.


New way to play PS1 games on PS2 is in beta


I created a custom skin for the Delta emulator to play MaBoShi DS on my iPhone


  • combines both screens into one
  • normal portrait iPhone orientation
  • leaves a gap at the top for notch/dynamic island
  • nice big d-pad in the centre of the display
  • most of the screen is actually a button
  • instructions in landscape orientation
  • let’s aim for 1 MILLION points!

What’s MaBoShi?



Time to invest in an MX2SIO and just do everything off micro sd card. Pairs well with a Memcard PRO2.


Oh is that good now??

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DIY Twin Stick controls have passed prototype phase


I am in need of some help. I’m still relatively new to owning a PC, and even newer to emulating. I have most of everything I want set up using RetroArch. I have two bugbears left.

Dolphin and PCSX2.

I think I have a fairer shot at getting PCSX2 running over Dolphin. How do I go about slapping that into the ol’ RetroArch?

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I would advise using the PCSX2 and Dolphin standalone emulators, as I believe the Retroarch cores are unstable and shaky in performance by comparison.

They’re very good, easy to use emulators, too.


Ahhhhh. That may be why I’m having so much difficulty with them, then. Thanks!

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This is my question too, I thought when it was last discussed here it sounded like it was in a pretty bad spot.

I’m a Mac deviant, so I’m trying to replace everything with USB-C. I dream of a day when I no longer need micro-USB in the house, but we have some cupboard LED lights which charge with micro-USB. So I hide our one micro-USB cable as the cable for my wife’s Qi charger.

But even in my doctrinal furor against micro-USB and Lighting, I know that USB-A is going to stay forever. So I’m not fighting that battle. I’m going to be 85 years old and hotels are still going to have USB-A wall plugs.

It’s still not perfect but for the games that work it’s been great. I have it paired with the MemCard PRO2 now instead of a regular FreeMcBoot card and the ability to use everything just from two memory card slots, with autoswitching on the MemCard for saves is wonderful.

Compatibility is low in comparison to a hard drive, but I’ve never taken the time to buy all of that and set it up. I have one of the earlier runs of the card from Helder, so I don’t know if there have been improvements to it that I’m not seeing here or not.

For the cost and the ability to play Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero and Tony Hawk 3 without needing to go grab my discs from all the way in my back room it’s been great.


Impressively thorough, pretty much answers all my questions about different PSP displays