Hang Out Games, Hang Out Places

I joined this community because of Hang Out Games and Hang Out Places. So just post screen shots of what Hang Out Games and Hang Out Places means to you.

not to just reference the game I have in my profile pic but...

The gameplay of every single mainline FF game rewards hanging out as much as possible in every single scene.

I just fondly remember being about 9 and just wandering around the inside of that airship and talking to everyone 100 times and wondering why certain characters were in certain places and walking in certain ways. Very hang out.

Had a blast with a couple friends 3 Christmases ago taking it in turns to play New Adventure Island. Passing a controller round is really great for hanging out as there is plenty of downtime for actual socialising too. Looking forward to seeing them both again one day!

My friends and I played smash bros melee religiously just a few years ago.

We invented a couple playstyles like tag team where 2 people duke it out in the middle and 2 others hang out on the side until it's their turn when their teammate dies, or tags them in. This only really works in certain maps like dk jungle or the super mario 2 map where 2 players can chill on the sidelines with an "arena" in the middle.

Anyway, that's what hang out games means to me. We'd spend hours drinking beer and playing smash, inventing new ways to play it.

When Halo1 was real hot, we used to do something called “the pillar battle.” Basically in the first snow level in H1, “assault on the control room” there is a wide open section with many many enemies, meant for you to burn through them with a Warthog. Right after that the map funnels you do a tiny cliff side that winds its way down and then you go through this pillar gate that is meant to gate off the warthog from being used in the rest of the level.

Well, what the group of gamers I talked to online about Halo would do was go through that entire first section Aggroing ALL the enemies with the warthog, but not killing any of them. Then you race down the cliff and through the gate thing.... and ALLLL the AI enemies in the previous area and that area combine and you get this INSANE gigantic shit show of a battle that will tank your Xbox to 5fps.

It was so dang cool at the time. Personally I've always felt they never really nailed that sandbox feel again with any of the sequels.

For me Breath of the Wild is basically Hanging Out: The Game because every spot you come across is really best interacted with by relaxing and taking it in. My fav spot is the little sea village where you meet a family who wants to make special paella. When they have it they all sit in a circle around the big round dish and nice music plays and it genuinely feels like these people are enjoying their food and I love them

@Kez#11367 Nah nah, this is about hanging out, IN the video game. Adventure Island makes it literally impossible to hang out, because you can‘t stop moving frantically!! It’s a great chill game, but Master Higgins has absolutely zero chill himself.

@milo smash is extremely good for hanging out. that's why they added camera mode! my smash roommates called it "lab" while they memorized the vectors of all their hits.

Proteus is the ultimate just hanging out game. You're just wandering through a cool forest.

@CidNight#11342 ahhhhh you know what JRPGs are just the most perfect genre for this

My nomination for most hanging outest series is Trails. The towns in these games are made my mad extremely happy and comfy designers who strive to make you feel the same way when you're in them. They're like dream towns you wish you could wake up in. And the people in them just tie it all together. NPC dialogue updates a ton so if you wanna just chill in a place for a LONG TIME and talk to everyone over and over you can


I could hang out with Yangus and King Trode from DQ VIII all day. They're hilarious. I usually never use Party Chat but I constantly checked it when playing DQ VIII.

Yes, JRPGs are the main example of a hang out game.

I posted a Sonic screenshot because I think that any game that you love can be enjoyable to hangout in.

This drives impatient gamers mad, seeing you set aside the prime directive to just play around.

Sonic is a great example of a game that has plenty of chill hangout spots. Unwoke gamers will be driven up the wall if you try to hang out while they‘re watching. I guess you’d call it “soaking in the atmosphere”.

Every Zelda is a hangout game. I like hanging out in the dungeons. During tumblr times I'd hang out in Forbidden Woods in Wind Waker, taking CRT photos. Then again, Zelda is an arpg.

Another action game that has many chill spots is Jet Set radio.

The most hanging out game I have played is PUBG.

this is a topic I care a lot about!! i have made a video game called Hang Out In The Basement Simulator, and am secretly working on a new unannounced game called Hang Out With Your Grandma Simulator

right now i'm playing Yakuza 0 as my go-to hangout game, though Dragon Quest XI is still barely touched. Final Fantasy VII Remake had some *excellent* hanging out in it: I want to eat food at a terrible Wall Market bar so bad. (right now, I want to eat food anywhere but my car and apartment so bad.)

CrossCode is a recent game that I think doesn't get enough love. It tries to do a whole lot, and doesn't always succeed, but it's a nice place to hang out, for sure.

I‘m not sure if its the same for all them but I had a Tony Hawk game on DS that was very chill, you had a warehouse where you could build up a skate park by buying and upgrading ramps. There were other levels too but they weren’t customisable, I was always fond of the seaside level.

I would say suikoden II castle but the world outside in the context of the game (desperate war) makes it less hang out than calm oasis, if I may suggest a distinction.

Maybe the mansion/castle from suikoden III is a better fit

@treefroggy#11382 Ahh, I getcha! I‘m not sure if you’re including multiplayer games in your definition but MMOs have got to be the games where people do the most hanging out. When I was in my teens I put waaaay too much time into an old Korean MMO called Ragnarok Online and a place called South Pront was my main hangout. Still got screenshots from 2004!


@Kez#11430 i played quite a bit of RO back in the day!! (usually on some pirate server because I was 13 and couldn’t ask my mom to cover that monthly fee.) I absolutely spent hours just hanging out checking out cool maps with my buddy, grinding on little Definitely Not Dragon Quest Slimes and other cute sprites. I remember that UI being extremely pleasant as well.

man: i wonder if people are still running ragnarok pirate servers........