Happy St. Urho's Day


Today is St. Urho's Day


Ooksi kooksi coolama vee

> Santia Urho is ta poy for me!

> He sase out ta hoppers as pig as pirds.

> Neffer peefor haff I hurd tose words!


He reely tolt tose pugs of kreen

> Braffest Finn I effer seen

> Some celebrate for St. Pat unt hiss nakes

> Putt Urho poyka kot what it takes.


He kot tall and trong from feelia sour

> Unt ate kala moyakka effery hour.

> Tat's why tat kuy could sase toes peetles

> What krew as thick as chack bine neetles.


So let‘s give a cheer in hower pest vay

> On Sixteenth of March, St. Urho’s Tay.


The next time you got to Suomi and you don't see a grasshopper you can thank St. Urho.

Games by legendary Finnish developers Remedy Entertainment, such as _Alan Wake, Control,_ and _Max Payne,_ are currently steeply discounted on Steam, for what I can only presume is St. Urho's Day.





Same with _Cities: Skylines_ by Finnish developer Colossal Order (and published by tose god damn-ed svedes at Paradox Interactive)


...and also same with _Legend of Grimrock_ by Finnish developers Almost Human.


It wasn't the first game of its kind but it's arguable that we all know the game _Matopeli,_ or _Snake,_ due to its ubiquitous presence on Nokia phones. It's a good thing St. Urho wasn't like St. Patrick, getting rid of perfectly good Finnish snakes, perkele!!


_Void Stranger_ was considered to be one of 2023's best games unanimously and straightforwardly by both the Insert Credit panel and forums!


_Baba Is You_ is also by Finnish developer Arvi Teikari.


Last but not least, there is perhaps the most Finnish game to ever exist, _My Summer Car._


Don't be an angry bird about it, and say it with me:

# **_Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka,_**

# **_mene täältä helveteen!!_**


Every day is a holiday for SpongeBob, even if he has to make one up.

Moikka Suomi! Everyone's favorite non-Scandinavian country! I hope everyone is having a nice day in the mobile game capital of the world.



@“Tradegood”#p158136 now show a chart with only the good bands

@“Tradegood”#p158136 whoa, Lichtenstein!!

more like saint urmomsaho's day

@“connrrr”#p158139 These are mostly imported metals thanks to low tax rates. :drum:

Congratulations to our fellow Finnish members on the forum. We’ll catch up eventually! 🥁

I also had a Urho →Euro →Markka joke but I am out of drumroll emojis. Does Supercell have a special event/banner in its games for Saint Urho’s day?

My recommendation contribution to this thread will be **Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley**, a lovely adventure game that just a came out a week ago. It’s possibly the most famous 🇫🇮Finnish IP, turned into a game by 🇳🇴Hyper Games for 🇸🇪Raw Fury, with music by 🇮🇸Sigur Rós. Brotherly Scandinavian love, only for Moomin!



Alexis Leskinen from Steins gate 0 was modeled after then Finnish prime minister, now president Alexander Stubb.

As a Finn living in Finland this is the first time i've ever heard of St. Urho








@“Smiauu666”#p158184 As a Finn living in Finland this is the first time i’ve ever heard of St. Urho

It is most definitely a diaspora thing, so, that's not surprising.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p158125 my friend, you left out Quantum Break, featuring The Wire's Aiden Gillen and the late Lance Reddick!


This game can't catch a quantum of a break can it??

Also just seeing their new logo for the first time this morning. Rockstar sued them but not Kojipro?


I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Fear and Hunger games!!

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