what are the best moments of spite

In Final Fantasy XIV‘s main storyline you have to constantly go back to this one location that acts as the headquarters for this orinization you’re a part of. You can't teleport directly there, but you can teleport about two minutes away from it. The end of virtually every chunk of quests takes you back there.

Eventually, the game tells you they're moving the HQ. And then the game informs you that the new HQ is directly outside of the warp point. Amazing! Finally! IT's so good, you can just teleport straight there. You complete the quest, warp to the new spot, get excited that despite having to criss cross the world constantly, at the very least the end of every big quest chain is right near an area you can teleport directly to.

And then the first quest after that starts by having you head out to the same spot you briefly thought you were at long last free from.

I had to laugh at how much it felt like the devs were mocking me.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/FGAcwuQ.png]

Actively though, a handful of La-Mulana's puzzles burn insult upon your previous injuries. Complete an already tricky set of maneuvers or boss fight, hey check out this entirely unpredictable/avoidable instadeath. See “This is La-Mulana”

i mean in general

in AC2 Brotherhood there were these restrictions you had to pass for each story chapter which would award you 100% completion. So at the beginning of a story chapter the game would tell you: don‘t ride a horse! And if you did everything right but rode a horse you wouldn’t get the chapter marked as completely complete.

There is one chapter where they tell you: DO NOT SWIM! But the chapter starts in the fields outside Rome. No water there. The first 15-20 minutes involve the player pretending to be in a stage play. No water in the theater, so no swimming. At the end of the stage play, you talk to one of the actors, but he's suddenly poisoned by an attacker and the game tells you to run him to a healer. So you start thinking: AHA! This is where I avoid WATER! But there is only a little stream nearby, and you can cross it on a bridge You start thinking: heh! This is an easy challenge!

But while you are talking to the healer, A NEW GUY runs by out of NOWHERE and you realize that you recognized him from an earlier scene where he burned down your home or some shit. Chasing him down, there's no water at all. But when you catch him, he tells you that your bro Nicolo Macchiavelli is back at your hideout and YET ANOTHER GUY is about to assassinate him, in something like five minutes. So now you have to run all the way across the open world map of Rome in an amount of time that feels fucking impossible. Five minutes!!! What the hell!

But you love Macchiavelli so you start running. I personally got so invested in saving Macciavelli I totally forgot about the water. And then finally at the last moment I had like 10 seconds left to save my bro and realized that my assassin hideout was on an island... in the middle of the Tiber river... and the only way to get across it without swimming was to take the long ass way to a bridge. So I dove right into the water.

It's a great episode in the story but it's also the sneakiest most fuck-you tricky shit in the game, IMO. They emotionally blackmailed me into jumping into the river. To this day that's the only part of AC I remember or care about. And if you want to replay that chapter to complete it in time, you gotta do like 30 minutes of stage play stuff first, and probably also practice runs back and forth across the whole fucking game map over and over until you figure out how to get to the bridge with enough time left over to save your bro. And every time you fail, your biggest NPC friend just dies. Maximum spiteful, but I loved it.

whoa, that‘s quite a situation! I’d probably get too frustrated to finish that myself.

@exodus#353 I liked it because I was very emotionally committed to my bro machiavelli and diving into the river to save him felt like a noble deed in a way. it was some videogame masochism for sure though

In Braid the most hidden collectables are >!stars!< you can find 8 of them. One of them is in world 3, you need puzzle pieces from 3-3 and 3-6 (3-6 is called irreversible so we know that creator is quite a joker) and use them in Tim‘s House with the background to form >!a star.!<

>![upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/iqlL6V9.png]!<

>![upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/3PtsyW4.jpeg]!<

But completing puzzles is necessary to see ending, so if you add both of them together then you >!can’t get the star for your whole savefile.!<

EDIT: Okay nevermind probably not a good idea getting too political here, let's just say I hate EVIL


what are the best moments of spite


@“rootfifthoctave”#p55878 i miss laugh tracks


@“JoJoestar”#p55877 EDIT: Okay nevermind probably not a good idea getting too political here, let’s just say I hate EVIL

I won't hold myself to this same standard, so here are some good ones:

  • - The execution of Captain Cook
  • - The Haitian Revolution
  • - General strikes
  • - Any time a Confederate statue is destroyed without explicit permission
  • - Any time an indigenous person carries around samples of drinking water from their reserve or reserves in their area that do not have potable water, and offer visiting politicians or government officials or whoever a sip
  • lotta capt cook statues getting knocked over, ponce de leon getting his ass toppled too I hear. Rocky Balboa and The Fonze standing tall.


    @“Gaagaagiins”#p55926 The Haitian Revolution

    can't emphasize enough how small and tertiary a component of the revolution it was, but the polish mercenaries who said fuck the french we're switching sides is easily the most powerful source of national pride I have.

    @“Ellis Bell”#p55931 Yeso have you been to Poland? I‘ve wanted to go for a bit. Being born and growing up in California I was always real separate from both my Puerto Rican and Polish ancestry because there just aren’t as many of those people out here as there are elsewhere in the US. You can't even get pierogi out here.

    Oh I thought of another one what with all this Polish talk:

  • - Polish using the Roman alphabet w/ profound accenting instead of Cyrillic
  • @“sabertoothalex”#p55933 check out Jon‘s Marketplace in Torrance for pierogi I’m not an expert or anything different kind of Eastern European background but I know they have a bunch of different pierogis

    @“sabertoothalex”#p55933 I have, though I‘m 100% of a tourist there since my whole family has emigrated. Huge polish community in chicago = lots of cheap direct flights so that helps. You should go when such things are more possible again. And make polish food at home, that’s my main way of feeling at least a little connected to the homeland.

    Ever been to puerto rico?

    @"Gaagaagiins"#p55935 I'll have to read up on how this exactly happened, I don't think the legend about St Cyril going Tsar to Tsar in eastern europe shopping his alphabet around is actually true. More likely I'm misremembering the anecdote though. Probably just the alignment of the early kingdom to Rome and Latin

    @“AutomaticTiger”#p230 To be fair, they throw a needless explanation for why you can‘t teleport there in the game. Honestly I don’t know if it‘s better or worse. It’s like… Thanks for acknowledging it, I would much rather you fixed it though :slight_smile:

    earlier my wife told my son in no uncertain terms to save and quit his game and i noticed he just put the system to sleep after being a prick about it. unrelated, after i finished eating dinner i just happened to feel the mood to play some puyo. it‘s not my fault i had to quit his game. it’s not my fault i “didn't know” he hadn't saved.